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Pharmaceuticals pushing to vaccinate school children

13 Sep

I found this article very enlightening!

H1N1 handout admits to causing Guillain-Barre Syndrome

9 Sep

I was googling the H1N1 vaccine and I came across this article. This is interesting. I was so upset to find that they combined the H1N1 vaccine with the regular flu vaccine this year. Only because it is so new and the jury is still out on this thing. Also, President Obama gave the manufacturers a free slide if any reactions or deaths occurred. They are not liable. So far my hopes of finding a flu vaccine without the H1N1 are 0.

On another vaccine note, my youngest daughter had to have 5 vaccines for her four year check up. This is crazy people. I was able to split them up so she got two yesterday and we will go back before her 5th birthday and have the other 3. We are overloading our babies and children’s immune systems. I actually agree with vaccination but I think it has gotten way too excessive. Research, research, research anything that is going into yours or your child’s body.

2010-2011 seasonal flu vaccine includes H1N1

2 Sep

I had heard about them possibly doing this last year but now it is official. All seasonal flu vaccines for this upcoming flu season will contain three strains of flu including H1N1.  I found this information by googling. I love google!!

“Is Puberty In Girls Coming Too Soon?”

10 Aug

I saw this report on ABC World News last night. I was one of those girls that started getting breasts at 8 and started my period at 9. I never wanted that to happen to my daughters. I understand what they are saying about obesity triggering estrogen and this makes sense. I also understand they are looking at environmental factors as well but what about all the hormones that are in our chicken, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt and beef? They did not even mention this on the news last night. Is it because we are in bed so to speak with the dairy and beef industry this is a taboo subject. I purposefully by eggs, and chicken with no hormones or antibiotics. We do not eat too much beef and my girls cannot have dairy.  Other than the body odor that started at age 6, my oldest has absolutely no signs of puberty and she is 8 and I am so forever thankful. I am glad they did this study but they need to address food and hormones as well as the other things they have suggested.

Doctors told to stay clear of 1 brand of the Flu shot f

10 Aug

My friend who is vaccine savvy had this article on her page.  This is actually quite scary. Since there is not a recall on this vaccine from this company, it could end up in your doctors office.

I had also heard that the flu shot would be mixed with the swine flu this flu season so I will have to double check on that one. The more and more I read about this stuff the more it unnerves me.

Preventing Whooping Cough

4 Aug

In the past month, I have heard of Whooping cough making a comeback. Here is an interesting article from a doctor who uses more natural alternatives to vaccines and illnesses. As with any illness, use common sense personal hygiene and wash your hands. Also keep your hands away from your face especially eyes, nose and mouth.

Popular Sports Drink

22 Jul

A friend posted this article and I was so upset. I actually switched to Vitamin waters to rid myself of sodas. I should have read the label more clearly but I thought pure sugar cane was better than HFCS. It has about as many calories and sugar as a soda. It is nothing more than sugar water packaged in a vitamin, health label.

I also was plagued with the symptoms they list. One week I had drank one to two a day and had the most horrible headaches. I hardly ever get headaches but I did not put two and two together until I read the article. I guess I should not be surprised since this is a coke product and trust me I will be reading labels much closer now. We have taken all that we had back.

Informed Decisions

23 Jun

My friend posted this website with all the ingredients to a number of vaccines. I was appalled. Human fetal tissue from aborted babies is in quite a few of these. Here is the link for you to make your own decision. It is not just childhood vaccines but all vaccines.

scoliosis- what the x-ray revealed

2 Jun

My oldest had an x-ray last week to see how severe her scoliosis is. Her doctor called yesterday and she has two minor curves in the spine. One in the top and one in the bottom. Since she is so young they are referring us to an pediatric Orthopedic doctor. We are continuing to pray for her complete healing. I found out in this process my mother in law and my grandmother both have this. You never know what diseases or conditions are in a family until something comes up.

Scoliosis an unexpected diagnosis

27 May

I took my oldest daughter to her 8 year check up and after chatting with the doctor she did the scoliosis test. I knew she passed it last year so I was not concerned. She said, “it looks like she does have a curved spine.” She redid the test and yes she did. I held it together until this afternoon and I cried. My beautiful tall 8 year old girl has this spine disease. What does this mean? What is the treatment? All these questions filled my head. I took her to our local hospital and had back x-rays so they see whether it is severe or mild. My grandmother said she thought she had this as a child. She has arthritis which can occur in the spine if left untreated. Prayerfully we caught this early. She has a wonderful pediatrician that is very thorough. She thought this was a mild case and there was nothing to worry about. This gave me comfort but still this is my baby and you never want to know there is anything wrong with your child. I did the mommy blame game. Did I cause this or not feed her something she should have. The answer is NO. It is hereditary but nothing I did personally caused this. Anyway this is our journey. Make sure your doctor checks your children especially girls at age 7-8 and continues each year. It is common and if caught early gives them a better chance at a normal life without pain.


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