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Defund Planned Parenthood

1 Mar

If you have read any of my posts, you will know I’m pro-life. Here is a thought provoking commercial for defunding planned parenthood.

Justin Bieber speaks out on Abortion, Sex and Health Care

16 Feb

It was an interesting article from Rolling Stone on Justin Bieber.

Planned Parenthood, tax dollars and sex trafficking

1 Feb

Please watch this video. It is very alarming that this goes on and OUR tax dollars are paying for this. I want my tax dollars  for planned parenthood stopped.


Abortion Doctor arrested for murder

19 Jan

This should be unacceptable to all humanity.” Kelly Clinger

I could not even finish this article. I was in tears. As a mom who has had two beautiful girls, this is unfathomable to me. This is sick, cruel and horrific yet it goes on everyday in abortion clinics.

My heart cries out for all that have been lost. They have no voice and they have no choice.  Half the population 37 and under are no longer here due to abortion. These horrific acts on the unborn have to stop. I wanted my baby and it died yet hundreds of people choose to abort beautiful, innocent babies everyday.

They are not a piece of tissue. They are a baby!

I do find it interesting that this doctor in botched third trimester abortions is charged with killing a baby because it was outside the womb but if he had killed it inside the womb we would not be hearing about this because it would not be considered murder. It is murder! My heart is deeply saddened and my heart if burdened for these little ones.

I am joining with thousands of people around the world praying for this violence to end. I would ask you to join with us.

“I had an abortion and I hate myself” Kelly Clinger

20 Nov

A friend from church has an fantastic blog. She wrote this authentic post on having an abortion and the hatred she had for herself many years later. Her post was featured here on lifesite.

I have never had an abortion and I have been prolife most of my life.  I have compassion for those who have had abortions. I think her story is amazing and a must read. It took courage to write out her testimony and share it with the world. I pray it will help you if you have struggled with or had an abortion. There is freedom in Christ with regard to shame and guilt.

Gianna’s Story: An abortion survivor

30 Sep

Gianna is amazing woman with an phenomenal story of hope, courage and forgiveness. I am pro-life but she is the face of the pro-life movement. You hear what a woman is going through what about these innocent babies. She was given saline to abort her at 7 1/2 mos of her mother’s pregnancy but surprise she survived.

National Health Care: What you need to know

28 Jul

I readthis article from a pastor friend of mine and you must read what is really in the House Bill on health care. I think it will shock you or it may not. It should be renamed National Health  Scare! Please read and contact your congressman or congresswoman and tell them to vote NO to the House or Senate Bill.

Here is the article from Morning Star included in this article are portions of the House bill.

Right Wing Extremist

16 Apr

Did you know according to the DHS report that if you stand against abortion, illegal immigration or even hold a different view from the Obama administration, you could be considered  a right wing extremist? Possibly engaging in terrorist acts.  Instead of calling terrorists, terrorists we are calling them man made disasters. Those people who killed thousands on 911 are not terrorist, but I am?  No, I don’t think so.

My real beef though is labeling our heroes, veterans, that come back from serving our great country only to learn they are being given a label and need to be watched for  “terrorist activity”.

This lady needs to be fired.  She does not even think there is a problem with violence on our borders. Wake up people!! She issued this memo last week but is now back tracking probably due to outrage.

Here is video of Janet Napolitano on Fox and Friends trying to explain the memo and regrets “the footnote”.

Here is the actual report from the DHS. After reading this, I still do not think I am taking this out of context. There are pages and pages in this report on right wing extremist. Where is her report on the left wing extremist,  or the terrorist that really want to hurt this great country. A good portion of this report was on the veterans who served our great country. I just think this is uncalled for.  This is absurd!

Obama signs order allowing federal funds for abortions overseas

23 Jan

I was praying this would not go through but my prayers were not answered. Obama is ready to sign this today. Here is the article on this topic.  God have mercy on this country. I also don’t think it is right that our tax dollars are being used to fund abortions. I am pro-life and we should have a say in where our tax dollars go.

Roe vs Wade Anniversary

22 Jan

On the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, a congressman has issued a bill to stop funding of planned parenthood. Here is the article from hotair.com

I say Amen! Obama has not signed off on repealing the federal funds overseas so my prayers were answered so far. I figured that would be the first thing he did but it was closing Gitmo.


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