“Deceptively Delicious ” cookbook

13 Nov

I was referred to beingamomisgreat.wordpress.com. Another mom’s blog. I cannot wait to continue reading. Anyway, she wrote a really good post on Mrs. Seinfield’s book Deceptively Delicious. The post was called Decidedly Disappointing “Deceptively Deliscious” cook book.

I have not viewed it myself but I was inspired by Opera’s show featuring Jessica Seinfeld. I even asked for this book for Christmas but since I read this mom’s review and saw some other negative feedback I have decided to check it out from the library and view it before I buy it.

I did however put pureed pumpkin in my pancakes and no one knew and they were delicious but pumpkin does not have a strong taste. We will see after I can check it out then I can see for myself if it is good or not. And I can give an honest review. I love to cook and I am always looking for ways to get my older one to eat more veggies. She used to eat anything and then she got a little picky when it comes to certain foods. I am praying that she will go back to those foods I fed her for almost 5 years. She still eats healthy but I would like her to get more color in her diet.

Update: I did receive this book for Christmas but have not had a chance to use any of the recipes. I am sure they are good. We’ll see. If you try checking it out of the library you will have a long wait. I tried and it was going to be a year before I could check it out so I am glad I received it for a gift.

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