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“it is in my brain”

21 Feb

This is a cute saying Pookie says if she does not know how she learned something. She was talking to me this morning about the “olden days” if they had food or stores, etc. I said did you talk about this in school or how did you come up with these questions? She said, “it is in my brain and I don’t know how it got there.” Children say the neatest things


27 Dresses

18 Feb

This is my favorite movie ever! Katherine Heigal is amazing. It has comedy, tragedy, revenge, romance and a very sweet ending. If you are into to romantic comedies you have to see this movie. There is a little language and assumption of sex but other than that it is the best. I also like Sweet Home Alabama and 13 going on 30. I also like transformers, spider man and some of the other action packed movies. 27 dresses is my ultimate favorite.