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I love to cook but…

27 Mar

I love cooking and I think I am pretty good at it but sometimes I am bored. I feel like I am making the same recipes over and over. Sure they are great but you can only have so many chicken dishes before you start clucking. Chicken has been on sale at Kroger for 1.99 a pound every other week lately so I have been stocking up. This is great but I am getting sick of my chicken recipes and not quite sure what to put on the menu for the next few weeks. Any suggestions?


When mommy is sick

27 Mar

It is hard when we get sick and need rest but we still have to cook, clean, take care of our children. So I had a cold last week and got better then yesterday morning I woke up with the worst sore throat and sinus pressure. I think I may have a sinus infection. I started running a fever over 100 and I just felt yuck. I took some advil and started to feel a little better but this morning I did not want to get out of bed. My mom said it best, “mommy’s are not supposed to get sick.” I think it is against the law of the universe.

The perfect mom

20 Mar

I was pondering this thought yesterday and today as I was talking to my friend about being a mom. We were both commenting on the fact we feel bad sometimes when we see other mom’s making Valentine’s day for example extra special and we are lucky if we get our kids a card. I think we compare ourselves to each other too much. We always have to one up someone else’s kid instead of being happy that their kid just hit a milestone and learn from that parent’s wisdom. We should be happy for each other instead of judging each other. Why do we do that? I think we critique each other because it makes us feel better and feel like a better mom when we see someone doing something wrong as a parent. We need to be cheering each other on whether we stay at home or work outside the home and be a support to each other. Other moms are the best support and person you could ever get information from. Let’s try to be there for each other instead of putting each other down. I also realized shortly after I had pookie, she is not the perfect child (no one is) and I am not a perfect mom. I make mistakes and I own up to them and try to do better the next time. We all have something we would like to do better or change but let’s glean from each other’s wisdom and really support one another.

Maximizing your Purpose

19 Mar

This is a message by our Pastor, Pastor Dennis Rouse. I thought it was really good and he puts little e-notes out every week. This is what he says:

Are You Maximizing Your Purpose?
How much time and effort do you put into thinking about God’s purpose for your life each week? Have you ever sat down and wondered, “What did God put me on this earth for?” It’s important to realize that every one of us has been created with a seed of purpose, a specific calling to fulfill in this life. Given the right conditions, this seed will grow into a life that greatly impacts others and increases God’s kingdom. As I’ve studied this area, I’ve observed that every person who maximizes their purpose shares four key characteristics.

The first is a hunger for God’s will that is greater than their hunger for the things of this world. What we hunger for shapes our lives. If you want to maximize your purpose, I encourage you to ask God to replace your hunger for anything else with a deep hunger for his will.

Next, people who have maximized their purpose have developed the discipline to do the things they don’t want to do to achieve the things God has called them to do. God blesses people that are disciplined.

People with maximized purpose have the fortitude to stay focused and push through obstacles and times of discouragement. Don’t give up just because you’ve had a few failures in your life. God will unfold his purpose and vision for your life, if you press through.

Most importantly, maximized-purpose people live to give – not just financially, but in every area of their life. They don’t just like to give – giving is their way of life. And, God takes notice of their focus on others and says, “This is the kind of person I can trust, and bless,” knowing that they will be a blessing to others.

This week, I encourage you to begin pursuing these characteristics for your life. As you do so, God will notice and begin to empower you to maximize your purpose and so maximize your life for His glory!

Patrick Swayze

5 Mar

I heard Patrick Swayze is battling pancreatic cancer. Patrick, we are praying for you and your family at this time. I have liked him since the Outsiders and of course Dirty Dancing. He and his wife Lisa have been married for a long time and you can tell they are really in love and stayed out of all that holly wood stuff. Lord be with him and his family during this time. He is a fantastic actor and dancer.

A generous tip

5 Mar

My husband was listening to Dave Ramsey on his way home from work. They were doing a special episode on tipping. A waitress called in and said she had someone she was waiting on they were talking and she said she was off to college. He said, “are you ready?” she said yes, but I need a $150 for a bike. She went off to help another table and when she came back there was $150 on the table with a note “good luck! Carl Edwards” How sweet! Carl Edwards what a generous thing you did. May this young lady pay it forward one day!