Breastfeeding and intelligence

8 Apr

Ok I am probably going to get into more trouble  but I have to write this. I was appalled that a pediatrician on the Dr. Phil show said that you should breast feed as long as you and the child are comfortable. This is what made me mad because your children will have a higher level of intelligence the longer you breastfeed. Excuse me my daughter was bottled fed because of severe jaundice and severe weight loss after birth so it was recommended for her safety that I stop breastfeeding, so I had her on formula. She is in kindergarten reading on a second grade level and writing on a first grade level and on a high math level so your telling me Mr. Pediatrician that she would be reading on a fourth grade level had a I breastfed until she was one. I take offense to this especially for those who cannot breast feed. My 19 mos old is on a verbal level of a 2 to 2 1/2 year old and she was not breast fed either. So would she be speaking on a three year old level if I had breastfed her. This is offensive and appalling to say the least. Breastfeeding is important but this is ridiculous to say your children will be more intelligent than those who are not breast fed as long or not at all. There are other important reasons to breastfeed than just intelligence. This is the kind of crap that caused me part of my guilt and frustration as a new mom and I even felt like a failure because I could not breast feed. Enough is enough. If you can great but stop putting those of us down or criticizing those of us who cannot or don’t by saying this load of crap. Has it ever occurred to these people doing “research” that it could be that the mother is at home and that also aids in their intelligence instead of just breastfeeding?

I am a child and family development major so I understand the importance of Breastfeeding but there are other factors along with that make up intelligence not just breastfeeding alone.

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