Honor’s Reward

16 Apr

This is the latest book from John Bevere. He was at our church Saturday and Sunday and his message really inspired me and made me think. Here is what our pastor wrote about it and I will write something after I have a chance to read his book and think on at little.

Honor’s Reward
It was such a delight to have my friend John Bevere with us this weekend. He always brings a word that is fresh, timely and prophetic, and this weekend was no different. If you were here, you know what I’m talking about. The message John brought is so crucial for the church to get a hold of in this day and age that I’d like to recap it here.

The Apostle John encourages us to live in such a way that we will receive the full reward. From this, we can conclude that if there is a full reward, there is also the potential for a partial reward, or no reward at all. We see this throughout the Gospels as different people interact with Jesus. Mark 6:5 says that Jesus “could do no mighty works” in His hometown of Nazareth. It doesn’t say He wouldn’t do them, but rather, he couldn’t – he was restrained. What could possibly have restrained Him? The same thing that restrains us: a lack of honor. Because they dishonored Him, Jesus’ friends and family members received a very small, partial reward – only a few minor healings.

On and on, throughout the New Testament, those who honored Jesus – like the Roman centurion of Matthew 8 – received a full reward. Those who honored Him in part – like the people of Nazareth – only received a partial reward. And, those who dishonored him – even if only in thought, like the teachers and preachers of the law – received no reward. Honoring Jesus was the key.

So what is honor? In Greek, honor means “a valuing.” Other meanings include, “appreciation, esteem, favorable regard and respect.” It’s opposite, dishonor, means “to treat as common.” Honor is communicated on three levels: in words, in actions and in the attitude of our hearts. Of these three levels of communication, the lowest form is words, then actions and finally, the highest is the heart-level, the level of love. True honor originates from the heart and is an outflow of the fear of the Lord.

Today, one of the main ways we show honor to Jesus is by honoring those around us. In fact, we are urged to honor people in three categories: 1) Those in authority over us – not because their behavior warrants it, but because we recognize that their authority is from God; 2) Our peers – even if they are dishonoring to us; and 3) Those entrusted to our authority – such as wives, children and employees. Remember, we do NOT honor others to get a reward, but because we value them just as God does. However, we can keep the reward in mind.

This week, I urge you to cry out to God, asking Him to fill your heart with honor for others. He will answer your prayer, and your life will be changed as you return to the virtue of honor and experience Honor’s Reward!

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