Twenty is the new male midlife crisis

23 Apr

I have several friends who are in the late 20s or early 30s that spouses just decided they did not want to married and have families anymore so they walked out. I don’t understand what part of the marriage vows they missed. It must of been till death do us part. I think twenty is the new age for a midlife crisis. You no longer want to be responsible so you leave. What they don’t realize is you no longer have the right to be selfish when you get married and especially when you have children. You cannot just leave because you don’t want to do this anymore. What about your wife who you promised to love and cherish through sickness and health, during good and bad. What about your children who adore you more than life itself. You have no right to just walk out. Buck up and be a man.

I know lots of people this has happened too and I know there are a lot more out there. The sad part is they don’t see that they did anything wrong. “what’s the big deal?” The big deal is now your wonderful, beautiful, loving, loyal wife who chose to keep her vows is now a single parent with no one to share her life with and has to cry herself to sleep sometimes because she does not understand why you just decided not to be married anymore. You sweet, loving, beautiful and smart children. What about them? How has this changed their life forever? What do they think or feel? You just left. No explanation or allowing them to ask you why. You just left. You don’t have the right to just walk out or to cheat. If you choose to get married, no matter how you are feeling or not feeling, you need to stay and work it out.

When all of us wives and some husbands took their vows it was forever. I am not talking about those who are in a violent relationship. I am talking to those men or women who are so selfish that they cheat or just walk out on their spouse. It is going on too much and I am sick of seeing my close friends suffer at the fact these men are cowards for just ditching their responsibility.

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