“Mommy Needs a time out”

7 May

I believe this is the title of this book by Ann Nolan. I heard it on the radio. It sounded interesting. She was saying that moms always put everyone else first and not themselves. I was just thinking about this yesterday and talking with a friend. We do put everyone else first. The laundry, the kids, husbands, chores, volunteering at your child’s school. It is hard not to. I do take a little time out everyday just to eat lunch and chill while Peanut is napping. I may watch a favorite TV show or something. I am also starting to get back to getting on the treadmill. I did it for a while then I got sick and you know the drill. She said let your time be personal to you whether that is listening the radio, taking a nap, reading a book or taking a walk. I sometimes will take a longer shower just to pray, sing and be by myself for 5 more minutes.

Also get your husband involved by taking date nights as a couple without the kids just to rekindle that relationship. Husband and I are using a little of our stimulus package money from the IRS to stay in a hotel, go to a movie and go to dinner for our anniversary. We have not been on a date since Valentines. This is all local but we wanted to to do something special just the two of us. I am looking forward to it. We are not taking a vacation because are trying to pay off our debt but we wanted to do something for us.

What do you do to get a little mommy time to yourself?

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