The Purpose of a woman

14 May

Lisa Bevere came and spoke at our church this past weekend and it was awesome. Our pastor wrote his thoughts on her message in his weekly e-note. This was really good! I hope you enjoy!

The Purpose of a Woman
It was such a blessing to have Lisa Bevere speak about God’s calling for women this last weekend, Mother’s Day weekend. Not surprisingly, her message was encouraging, challenging, and right on. Several of the points she made really stood out in my mind, so I’d like to highlight them here.

God created us, both men and women, for dominion, not domination. Dominion is when a person uses their influence to cause those under them to flourish. Domination is when a person forces their will upon another. While God intended us to exercise dominion, the fall twisted that purpose into a struggle for domination. But in Christ, we can recapture the truth. Men and women are not enemies, we’re allies – stronger together than we are separately. Male and female, exercising dominion together is what truly captures the image of God.

God created women, especially mothers, to fulfill a specific role in His kingdom – to create an environment in which the seeds He is planting can flourish. You are called to nurture – to be strong, to care and to give. Despite the time of difficulty that seems to be upon us, this is not the season to start hoarding and stop giving out of fear. It is the season for women to give. Remember, it is in the hard times that God’s people flourish…unless they fear.

So, women, if you will go forward, trusting God, you will have the opportunity in the next decade to address the problem of the widowed, the orphaned and the poor; to unite together and say, “That’s enough!” to social injustices. It’s time that the church be known for caring, not judging. That’s where the heart of a mother comes in.

Mothers, this ministry begins at home. You need to have the house everybody wants to come to, the marriage that everybody wants to have. Nurture your husband, nurture your home. Start by understanding that most men hear love through words of affirmation and affectionate touch. I’m sure you would agree that everybody deserves to be loved in the way they hear it. Realize that you are not called to train your husband and serve your kids, as is commonly thought in our culture, but to serve your husband and train your kids.

Let your kids see the love you share. Every child needs to know that mommy and daddy are in love, and that they, the children, are loved, looked for and watched out for. Nurture your children and the gift of God in them. Don’t use your strengths to point out your children’s weaknesses, but rather to identify and nurture their strengths. You always strengthen strengths to displace weaknesses. God is looking for an army of fathers and mothers to position their children to inherit God’s promises – not our fears.

If we are ever going to rise above the petty and destructive struggle for domination and exercise true dominion in this earth, both men and women need to understand that this is what God created women for. I want to challenge you, women, to pursue this calling whole-heartedly. And, I want to challenge you, men, to love and give of yourselves to your wives in this endeavor. Together, you will have a tremendous impact on your children, your communities and the world for Christ!

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