21 May

Here is the weekly e-note from our Pastor based on what he preached on last weekend.

Are you starting to see a difference in the way you interact with the lost? Do you see how being relevant, engaging and authentic can open the door to people’s hearts? As we seek to connect with the lost, there is one more characteristic that is essential to winning them. Like Jesus, we must be Life-givers.

The people of this world are weary and scattered. This makes them vulnerable to a lot of things. They’re always trying to fill the void in all the wrong ways. They don’t know that we have the answer. The only way this will change is for the church to connect with people. And we cannot do that if we’re religious. We have to get REAL.

The harvest is ready! Too many of us are walking through life with our heads down, so focused on ourselves and our problems that we fail to notice how ready the harvest is. Jesus says, “Lift up your eyes…” How many times have we seen our neighbors and not really looked at them? We need to see that there are people all around us that are ripe for harvest. This was a challenge in Jesus’ day; it remains the big challenge of Christianity today. But Jesus came to break that off of us.

The Lord is counting on us. He commissioned us to be His voice, but looking at the church today, there’s no doubt that we’re falling behind. Why? Because too many people in the church have their heads down. We’ve gotten too churchy, too religious, too concerned about ourselves to care about the lost. But God wants us to have a life-giving attitude, like the Good Samaritan, that says, “What’s mine is yours and I’m going to share it.” Most of us don’t think like that, but unless that changes, we’ll never win one person to Christ.

We cannot just be people that go to church. God is calling us to be life-givers. How? Start by serving your neighbors. Then, share in their interests. Care enough about them to find out what interests them and enter into their world. As you do, they’ll open up to relationship. Learn to be culturally relevant. Take the posture of a learner. Ask effective questions that draw things out of them, and be a listener. Don’t try to cram things down their throat. Finally, discover their need and then guide them to the only One who can meet it. If you can find their need and offer a solution, they will listen to what you have to say.

As you seek to meet people’s needs, you will become a tremendous soul-winner. I challenge you to get in there, find out about their needs, share your story, and then offer Jesus. We have the solution inside us if we will just be relevant, engaging, authentic and life-giving. Somebody in your life right now is depending on you to share Jesus with them. Lift up your eyes, see them and give Life!

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