Pampers vs Huggies training pants

7 Jun

I am trying to find the feel and learn or cool alert training pants for Peanut. She will still go in the pull up and say pee pee after the fact. She has gone about 11 times now in the potty. I just get aggravated because Huggies and Pampers advertises their products then you cannot find them in the stores. I can find some sizes of the cool alert by Huggies but it is not the size I want. Feel and learn are no where to be found. I can go to some off brand sites and order them but why should I have to do that. Their own site does not list them. In a couple of weeks I am putting her in panties. This is what I did with Pookie and she was trained with in a few hours. I am praying the same for Peanut. Peanut knows what to do, she just thinks she is still in a diaper so training pants for now underwear soon. I am not surprised she thinks she is in a diaper. The Pampers Easy Ups are so thick. I was surprised. The pull ups and Kroger brand training pants are really thin so she tends to want out of them faster. The pampers also breaks her out in a rash because of the fragrance so pull ups and kroger brand it is.

I went with rewarding her today because she was holding her legs and wanting to get off and I knew she had to go so I told her go potty and you can have a “cookie”. She went and she got one. She was excited and so was I. I cannot believe how smart she is for 21 months. I am really praying that with in the next few weeks she will be day time potty trained. Night time we’ll have to work on because she is still little her bladder may not be ready to hold it for along.

Update: I found the size I needed in the cool alert by Huggies. I found these at Wal-mart. I even saw a huge box of girls 2T-3T on sale for 19.99. Peanut did not seem to notice that it gets cold. I think once I use this small package up I will just stick to the kroger brand. They are 6.99 a pack for 29 or 11.99 for 40. They work just as well and have the learning design on them. She has her days where she will go in the potty and she has her days where she wants nothing to do with the potty. We just try everyday and on those days where she is reluctant I just back off. I do hope she will be trained by her 2nd birthday because she was doing so well.


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  1. Shara June 7, 2008 at 12:15 pm #

    I put Dacia in big girl underware on Thursday and she is doing GREAT!!!! She has had a couple of accidents, but she gets so upset that it makes her try harder to remember to go. I was going to get her a sticker chart, but so far just cheering and getting excited is enough 🙂
    I’m so proud of her! and yay for Hannah!!!!

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