Tim Russert

14 Jun

I was saddened at the news yesterday that NBC bureau chief and Meet the Press Moderator collapsed in his office yesterday and died at age 58. He was a great journalist and will be deeply missed especially with the elections coming up. He seemed like a very devoted father and family man. Our prayers are with his family and colleagues and everyone that enjoyed his show.

Three things made me really cry after hearing this sad news. The first was Tim Russert from last Father’s Day wishing all the father’s out there a happy Father’s Day and saying good bye. The second was Tim’s empty chair with the lights dimmed and silence and the third was the picture of Luke Russert standing next to his dad’s empty chair. How moving. He is an excellent speaker. He said he was able to keep his dad’s chair. I am glad he can keep it. I could see him in broadcasting or journalism. He spoke so well and I know his father is so proud of him. You know this was a real, loving, compassionate, hard working man who knew where he came from. He was so proud of his country and so excited every time he was able to meet another president. He will be missed! I was also thinking NBC has some very big shoes to fill. Meet the Press will not be the same because Time Russert brought such authenticity to the show and really asked those questions we all wanted to know from a politician. It will be interesting to see who they pick to replace him or if they replace him.

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