Doors:The Doorkeeper

18 Jun

Our Pastor was back and preached a special message about fathers and real men. It was called Doorkeepers. It was great.

DOORS: The Doorkeeper
Today, I want to talk about what it means to be a man, to be the kind of husband and/or father God intends you to be. It’s good to be a man, but becoming a man takes great responsibility.
God created men to be the doorkeepers of their households. A doorkeeper is someone who allows or disallows entrance or activity according to the will of a higher authority. God has commissioned us to be a covering over our wives, our children, our households and, ultimately, our society.

But, something has happened. Most men are not fulfilling their God-given role. Ever since Adam relinquished his authority in the Garden, hid from God and blamed both God and his wife, men have been allowing the Enemy to come in and wreak havoc in their homes and lives. Just as God asked Adam in the Garden, so today our nation and our world are crying out to men, “Where are you?!” For every major problem in society can be traced back to fatherlessness Whether alcoholism, teen pregnancy, marital infidelity, addiction, pornography, homosexuality or others, somewhere at the root of these things there is a lack of fathering.

Men, God wants us to step into our rightful positions of authority. He wants us to lead. It is essential that we do so. You see, our enemy the devil, who wants to destroy what God has created, knows this. So, using bondage and deception, he tries to take authority over the man of the house. This is how he gains access to the household. If he can bind the strongman of the house, he has free access to the goods, the wife, the kids, the money, the peace, the well being, etc.

Because we men are often unaware in certain areas (even dumb at times), I want to expose five strategies that Satan uses to get past us, the doorkeepers:

  1. Disorder – He has made it very unpopular for a man to lead his family and, consequently, many men have abdicated their authority to their wives, contrary to the order God has established throughout Scripture.
  2. Distraction – He tries to get men so caught up in their careers, hobbies, sports or whatever that they withdraw from their families and stop paying attention.
  3. Deception – He tries to get men to remain ignorant of, or forget the power of media and allow things into our homes that are not of God via the Internet, TV, movies, music, etc. Once we fall for this deception, we are easily bound.
  4. Division – Knowing that a house divided cannot stand, Satan works to sew discord and disagreement wherever possible. It’s the man’s responsibility to make sure his house is in a place of agreement. If you and your wife aren’t in agreement, it’s your responsibility, men, to do what it takes to bring that agreement.
  5. Desertion – Satan tries (and all too often succeeds) to convince men into leaving their families altogether. This can be physical desertion, when the father actually leaves for whatever reason, or emotionally; he may be physically present, but he’s completely checked out otherwise.

While all of these things have proven very effective strategies, the good news is that Jesus came to set us free from the devil’s bondage and deception. When he came, he began to establish his authority over the devil. This is no less true in the area of manhood than in any other. You see, Jesus was a real man. He led in the way that we as men need to lead, not through domineering, testosterone-induced tyranny, but by giving himself sacrificially in love and service. And, because of Him, we now have the authority to tread on the enemy. He has empowered us to be real men, to cover our family and guard the doors of our houses.

How? First, we need to sober up to the times we live in. The time is short. Be aware. We can’t get caught dabbling with the things of this world. Spend quality time doing things that build the Kingdom. Recognize that these times are critical. Next, start cleaning house. Take an inventory and find out what goes on inside your home, what goes on behind the closed doors. Establish in your house an open door policy: there is no door in the house that you, as the man, cannot open and look around. Make sure you have the right to challenge your kids in the areas of TV, internet pornography, chat rooms, etc. Also, there can be ungodly things in our house that keep the door open to the devil. Sometimes you’ve got to get radical in your cleaning. Get and keep everything out of the darkness and in the light. The devil cannot operate in the light.

Build a spiritual presence in your home. Every man should be the prayer warrior of his family – not only the wife. Your family needs to see you praying, reading God’s Word, walking in the authority God has given you. It is our responsibility to cover our families in prayer and to wash them in the Word. And remember, you can’t do that for others if you’re not doing it for yourself.

This is such a serious matter; you have to stand guard at all times. Think about how guarded your house is. Are you watching over it, guarding it, or letting the enemy come and go as he pleases? Men, know what’s going on with your family. Don’t leave them unguarded. The enemy wants to hurt your family, but the only way he can get in is if you open the door.

Finally, live in the authority to which God has called you. Be a loving, kind, gentle, serving-based leader, unapologetically and boldly. Get to the place where you’re not worried about what others think about you. Declare as Joshua did, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Kick the enemy out of your house, completely – out of the TV, the computer, your kids’ rooms, etc. Don’t give him any access whatsoever. Can you imagine what your house, church and nation would be like if you started operating your God-given authority? That is what God is calling us to. And that is what I’m challenging you to do today. Be a real man. Be a doorkeeper!

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