Doors: The door of blessing

25 Jun

Here was this past weekends sermon from our Pastor. It was really good and encouraging. I pray it encourages you this week.

DOORS: The Door of Blessing
In a world where everything seems to be getting more difficult by the day – where budgets are tightening and gas and grocery bills are on everyone’s mind – don’t we often wonder how we can continue to prosper when the outlook seems to be so bleak? The good news is that, even in the midst of global chaos, God insists on blessing us and His ultimate desire is that we each live an abundantly prosperous life.

“So,” many ask, “why do we see so many bad things in the earth?” Quite simply: we have a good God and there is a bad devil. Both are at work in the world and have set up their own economies. And, all of us are governed by one or the other. The devil’s economy is based on shortage, poverty, indebtedness, famine, sickness, etc. The economy of God’s Kingdom, however, is based on plenty, blessing, freedom, peace, love, joy, etc.

Many people don’t realize that there are two economies. They just keep on trusting in the world’s economy, hoping things will get better, living life governed by fear and greed. They don’t recognize that God wants to bless them; that from the very beginning, when Adam and Eve turned over control of the world’s economy to Satan, God began to set in motion a plan for redemption.

Throughout Scripture, we can see God looking bless each generation. To Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and many others God said, in effect, “I’m a God that likes to and wants to bless people. I didn’t create people to live under a curse. I created them to live under blessing.” It’s important to notice that in order for each generation to get the blessing, they had to both believe and receive it.

According to Deuteronomy 28:1-8, God will command blessing in every area of your life. How? John 10 says that it is through Christ. Even though our enemy, the devil, comes like a thief to steal, kill and destroy, Jesus came to give us abundant life. Christ redeemed us from the curse. He has enabled us to leave Satan’s antichrist economy and enter God’s economy. The blessing of Abraham is now ours. We are now joint heirs with Jesus. That means everything that was available to Jesus is available to us.

Now, the sickness, poverty, debt, etc., that are a part of the curse, can be turned into a blessing because they cause us to focus on God. You see, Satan’s goal is to get you looking at anything else besides God. He wants you to focus on the curse. Obviously, we have to reject the curse and accept the blessing. Let the difficulties of this world cause you to turn your eyes to Jesus and keep them there. On the other hand, don’t start focusing on the blessing either; that is as dangerous as focusing on the curse. In fact, it will bring back the curse. Rather, stay focused on the One who blesses.

God put us on this earth, not to live under the curse, nor just to receive the blessing, but to share the blessing with everyone around us. Now, God wants to bless us, but that doesn’t mean He wants us all to be millionaires. It means that He wants us to be blessed in order to be a blessing. He wants to get us to the point where we don’t have to worry about money and we can use the resources He’s entrusted to us, however great or small, to bless others. God wants us focus on Him, not on our circumstances, our job, the economy, etc.

So what has to happen in order to get there? Well, to put it plainly, we have to go through the trials of the desert in order to get to the Promised Land. That means we have to learn to trust God, even in the midst of difficulty, before He can bless us. We have to walk through the door of faith before we can enter the door of blessing. When we walk through the door of faith, we learn that God has set us free, that we’re not slaves anymore, that God has called us out of darkness and into this blessing.

Beyond that, in order to walk through the Door of Blessing, we must believe that God wants to bless us. Surprisingly, most people believe that God does not want to bless them. If that is your belief, you’ve got to get free of it. God does want to bless you. It brings him pleasure. If you have any doubts, read Psalms 35:27 and 112:1-3. These passages, and many more besides, clearly paint a picture of a God that delights in blessing us.

We also need to understand that God requires faithful stewardship to release the blessing. (See Luke 16:10-13.) Why would God bless us if we can’t handle it? We have to learn to be trustworthy with small things first. Then, slowly but surely, He will entrust us with greater things. Ask yourself, can God trust me? Do I have the characteristics of a faithful steward: honesty, wisdom, contentment, obedience and trust? If not, invite the Holy Spirit to build those things in your life.

Finally, have a generous heart that trusts God. God wants you to be a giver. Go through life asking, “Who can I bless today?” Look for ways to bless people. When you do, God will bless you more. You know, you cannot out-give God. Along that line, it’s important to note that an essential part of trusting God is tithing. We need to trust God enough to bring Him the first ten percent of all our increase, before paying our bills. God says, “Prove me in this [tithing], see if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out more blessings than you have room for.”(Malachi 3:10) I urge you to test God in this. If you’re not tithing, you’re living in fear, in the cursed life, not in blessing.

So, let me ask you, do you believe God wants to bless you? Are you a faithful steward? Do you have a generous heart that trusts God? If so, God will bless you. If not, isn’t it time to break the curse? I encourage you: take a step of faith today. Walk, no, run through the Door of Blessing!

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