Lazy Eye

27 Jun

When I was born I developed a lazy eye. I had two surgeries. One when I was 4. I had the other one for a different issue when I was 6. This was the source of my self consciousness. I was constantly made fun of as a child for having “crossed eyes”. Even with the surgeries, my eye would still move inward if I was sick or really tired. Mostly the boys were the ones that made fun of me. I did not hear too much once I went to private school but once I got back into public H.S and thought this was all behind me it started again. Some guy asked me if I had crossed eyes and how it felt to be that way. He did not mean it in a nice way. My self esteem was crushed once again. Once I lost most of my weight it did not seem to be much of an issue but it has been very difficult to look people in the eye that I did not know or felt uncomfortable around. I had this fear of being teased again.

I went to the eye doctor today and received a compliment I had never had before “you have beautiful eyes.” I wanted to leap for joy “really” I thought. I find this funny to hear since most of my life I heard the opposite. I think it is so neat how my two girls are often complimented on their eyes. I feel like it is pay back for all those years I was tormented. I say that because what is worse than being teased yourself is to have your child teased. Each time I found out I was pregnant I would pray please Lord do not let this pass down. Apparently it is genetic but no one in my family that I am aware of has this. I believe mine was caused from my complicated birth which led to a lack of oxygen.

I am mostly writing this post to help those out there who have children with this condition or who suffered with this most of their life. My parents made the very tough decision to have surgery. I am so fortunate because most people do not know I ever had this condition. Apparently I had a wonderful surgeon because my eye doctor told me that most people with this condition have to have surgery 3, 4 or more times. I did not. I had the one surgery and the other surgery was for something else. I am now almost 31 years old and all looks well.

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