Doors: The door of truth

2 Jul

Here is the latest message from our pastor on the door of truth. This was an eye opening and amazing message.

DOORS: The Door of Truth

My search for God began as a search for truth. I talked with a number of people about all sorts of topics. I was really confused. I came to the place that I was desperate for truth, and that brought me to Christ. Yet, there are a lot of people today who don’t seem to be seeking truth. In fact, one of the most startling phenomena in our day is the rapid departure from the truth, or absolute truth. A new survey just released last week revealed that a surprising 57% of the evangelical church, and 70% of all church goers, now believe that many religions lead to eternal life. More than half of those who are considered to be born-again Christians have taken up the mantra of the day: tolerance.

What is tolerance? Well, by definition it basically means that if someone believes differently than me, I can live with them and not kill or abuse them in some way because of that difference of belief – I can tolerate them. According to this definition, we can and should be tolerant. However, in our culture tolerance has now been redefined to mean agreement with or acceptance of differing opinions as equally valid or true.

It seems that many people in America today, even within the church, are repeating Pilate’s question to Jesus, “What is truth?” And unfortunately, if that survey is true, there appear to be many within the church today that simply do not know the truth. You see, within the last few decades, a new way of looking at things, a new paradigm, has arisen in our culture called postmodernism. It holds that truth is relative, not absolute, so everyone’s opinion is valid and, therefore, should be tolerated. Consequently, religion in general and Christianity in particular (which claims to be more than just a truth), has become unwelcome in our culture.

Yet every human being in the world is born with an inherent need to answer four major questions about life:

  1. Where did I come from, or what is our origin?
  2. Why am I here, or what is the meaning of life?
  3. What defines morality, or what’s right and wrong?
  4. What is my destiny?

The answers to these questions can only be found in Scripture – our souls are not satisfied with mere opinions. Whether we know it or not, we need to know the truth, the absolute truth, God’s Truth. Deep down inside, we yearn to walk through the Door of Truth.

In order to do so, there is a process that we have to go through. First, in order to open the door, we have to trust in Jesus as the only way in. We cannot get in through our opinions, our goodness, or our religion. In John 14:5-6, Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (Emphasis mine, NKJ) Notice Jesus didn’t say that He was one of many ways. There are many people today who say otherwise, but in so doing, they are in essence calling Jesus a liar. They have closed the Door of Truth. The fact of the matter is that you cannot ever really understand truth until you open the door to Jesus.

The next step in the process is to believe that the Bible is the truth. In John 17:17, Jesus says to His Father, “Your word is truth.” Any sincere truth seeker who studies the Bible will find it to be the most accurate and historically supported piece of ancient literature that we have. Now, when you decide that this book was given by God, and is truth, then you have to decide to submit to it. Everything we do, think or say should agree with the Truth. Be warned, God’s Word says that in the last days many people will fall away because they never decided that Jesus is the door and God’s Word is truth. Will you decide that God’s Word is the truth, or your feelings and desires?

Finally, we will experience the power of truth when we act on the Word instead of just hearing it. When we do the Word, it works. What does that mean? Well, love your enemies; bless those who curse you; pray for those who use you; etc. Don’t fall into Satan’s trap of getting focused on your rights and getting all offended at others. That’s just what our enemy wants. He knows that we have no power when we are in a place of disagreement. Remember, when we came to Jesus, we gave up our rights. That means we have to walk in constant forgiveness, no matter how impossible it seems. We can do it. Once we act on the Word our lives change.

Friends, when we decide to go through the process of trusting in Jesus, believing that His Word is truth and then acting on it, we walk through the Door of Truth. That’s where things begin to work, where the blessing and new life begin to flow. So today, I pray that you will open up your heart to God, trust in Jesus, believe and act on His Word and so, walk through the Door of Truth.

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