Girls Day Out

9 Jul

I am counting down the days. My best friend and I since 8th grade are leaving our husbands with the kids and driving an hour from here to an outlet mall this Friday. I have never been. It was my birthday present from last year. We don’t really exchange birthday gifts any more just our kids but last year was the big 30 for both of us. She is so thoughtful and she saved money up to take me to b’fast and lunch. We will shop till we drop. She is so creative and frugal so she has helped me when it comes to saving and debt. Her father was an accountant so she knows how to pinch a penny. We both need this time to get away and catch up. We talk everyday on the phone but talking face to face is so much better. I will put a picture of us up after we go. We both grew up only children, we are both short, with dark hair and I lost my dad at 16 and her parents just recently divorced. We graduated the same colleges with the same majors. She went into teaching and now is a Children’s Ministry Director at her church. My second child and her first child were born three weeks apart both by c-section. We have a lot in common.

I am just so excited to be doing something for myself.

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