The Coupon Mom

9 Jul

The journalist who interviewed me today, Dan Sewell, pointed me to another article he just finished on consumers clipping coupons in a tightening economy. You can google his name and Stephanie Nelson, the coupon mom, to read the article. Stephanie is a resident of Atlanta and she has been on our local news numerous times but it never dawned on me that she had a website. I signed up and it is free. She has all sorts of things on her site to help you save money and cut your grocery bill in half. She also has helpful advice. The website is I love clipping coupons and I saved over $10 a few weeks ago and another $10 or so a week ago. You can also get free stuff with coupons. Kroger doubles their coupons so if the price is similar on something I normally buy I will just get it at Kroger to get the extra savings. Store brand typically is cheaper but if it is something I normally buy then I will use the coupon. Another great site to which I have received free things is Check out both of these sites and I hope it helps you save lots of money.

Share you money saving tips with me!

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