The super nanny

20 Jul

They have a new show on similar to the super nanny. It is ok but the super nanny with Jo Frost is my absolute favorite. She is loving, firm, confronts the parents and kids when she has too. These other shows including Nanny 911 just do not hold a candle to Jo Frost. They are all saying the same thing anyway discipline and consistency. The show then boils down to the personality and I think Jo trumps them all. She is very warm yet firm and that is what I love about her. She is genuine. She really cares what the kids think and will sit down with them and talk to them. Kids do have a voice but many people don’t give them one. They have a lot on their brain too. The number one discipline issue is no discipline and no boundaries. I struggle with this myself with my younger one. I put so much emphasis on my older daughter and really stuck to my guns on discipline then my second daughter was born and I find myself telling her not do something instead of here is your warning the next time you get a consequence. My husband and I are really having to focus in on this because she is almost two and you really have to set that foundation when they are young or they will walk all over you and their will be no respect. I see this all the time with kids. Speaking to adults any way they choose because it was never taught to them how they should act or speak to adults. I had a 7 year old child ask me to leave the room because adults were not aloud. I politely said, “sorry I am not leaving, my children are in here and I need to watch them.” she walked off but I know for a fact this particular child is not disciplined at all the parents just let them do whatever they want and they are very aggressive children. I had to intervene yesterday because the 7 year old kept pulling on my older daughter’s arms and pushing her etc. Pookie is very shy and quiet and typically will not speak up for herself so I did.  I was kind about it but I am not going to let kids who are not being watched or told no to toss my children around like rag dolls and get away with it.

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  1. Nerida July 20, 2008 at 10:29 pm #

    It seems that parents often confuse discipline with severe punishment. They see it as some kind of negative, brutal thing.

    In reality, discipline is all about teaching and guiding our children. Showing them how to control themselves so that they can feel better about themselves and get on with others as well.

    There are a lot of positives in the way Jo Frost teaches child discipline. One of the benefits I see with her ‘system’ is that she has a few proven techniques that are simple enough for both parents to follow and be united on.

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