41 Watermelons

24 Jul

Ok, I know food prices have gone up but I just bought about 15 items from Kroger for my husband and had a 200 dollar bill. He has GERD, Gastro esophagus reflux disease. He was doing so much better and he came off the prilosec and started drinking coffee again. So it started back up, anyway, I bought him some sickie foods such as soup, ginger ale and jello. The lady told me that would be $197.81. I about fell on the floor. I got my stuff and went to the car where I proceeded to check the ticket. Everything but a couple of items were in the dollar to two dollar range so I am trying to figure out why I owed almost $200 then I saw it. The watermelon I bought. First, it did not have the right price beside it then I noticed she gave me 41 watermelons. Um, do I look like I need 41 watermelons. I marched right back inside explaining my situation to the Customer Care person. She kindly refunded $125. So when it does not feel right, check the ticket. I have caught so many mistakes. Now think about if I had not checked they would have gotten $125 of my dollars that I did not owe and money I would have had to take from savings. This would have been a costly mistake. Ahhh I am just glad I checked and the money is safely back in our account along with some stuff I took back to Target. Yay!

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