31 Jul

You know the shoes. Everyone wears them, doctors, nurses, kids, adults and probably even pets but you have to be so careful in these cool, comfy shoes. Four incidents in the past two months of children being seriously injured because their crocs get stuck in the escalator at the major airport in our state. One victim’s four year old son was right behind her with his brother holding on to the rail and she heard screaming from other people and blood flying every where. Fortunately, two paramedics were on the same escalator and were able to free his foot. He was life flighted to children’s health care where he has underwent two surgeries and will have one more to repair his foot. I think there was a warning out last year but this particular person is in radio and she said she had never heard any kind of warning. I actually decided against buying these shoes when I heard what happened. The kids are not horsing around the escalator actually eats the shoe for some reason. I think because it is so soft and a little flimsy.

Our airport is now posting signs to be careful with the footwear. This can happen on any escalator not just airports. If they don’t already, Crocs and croc like shoes need to have warning labels on their shoes.

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