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Sassy Classy Shoes

26 Aug

My favorite mommy blog is giving away these really cute Crocs. They are high heels. Read here to find out more about these classy and sassy shoes!



25 Aug

We are taking a class at our church on healing and I have to say it was eye opening for me because I could apply these principles to other areas of my life. Something that sent a light bulb off in my head was faith and trust in God has to come from knowing him. How do you trust someone you do not know? Good question. I love God with all of my heart and I pray every day but one area I lack discipline is reading my Bible. This has been an area I have needed to work on for a while. I think some of my trust issues have to do with not knowing who God truly is enough to trust his promises for me. I know it all in my head but don’t quite have it in my heart.

So, this morning I got up a little early and I read just a little bit in Romans on Faith. I want to have that unwavering faith that Abraham had when God gave him the promise of a son and being the father of nations.  I then got on the tread mill and really started praying and I felt energized. I think we get bound up in legalism that says you have to read so many chapters a day or you are not a good Christian. I want to work up to that but I also want to get revelation off of what I am reading. I don’t want to read the Bible just to say I did my daily quota. I want to meditate and really get the word in my spirit.

I want to change the way I say things. Sometimes we are in our current situations because of our negative tongue. We really have to watch what we say with our lips. The tongue is a powerful weapon. We can curse people with it or bring life. I am trying to watch what I say regarding sickness and our financial situation. It says in the Bible to look at the unseen (which is faith) and not look at your circumstances. We need to keep our focus on Jesus, be obedient and do what he is telling us to do and the rest will fall into place.

Moms on call

25 Aug

This is so neat two pediatric nurses came together and wrote a book and have a website all about new born to early childcare for your children. I wish this would have been around when Pookie was born because I had several breakdowns. She cried the first six weeks of life due to intolerance of the formula but I did not know it until we switched her and she was a different baby. They have everything in this book when to take your child to the doctor, to when to breast feed and when to stop, and everything else you need to know about infant and child care. They even have a website,, where you can see what illnesses are going around that month. The website is I just signed up to receive their e-news. Finally, some practical advice written by women in the nursing field. This is brilliant!

My six year old just asked for what?

10 Aug

Oh my! My six year old just asked me for a cell phone. She is six who is she going to call? Is she turning into a teenager already? We are really restrictive in what she watches so I don’t know where she gets this stuff. I told her she does not need a cell phone right now but when she starts driving she may get a cell phone but not until then. “Mommy, is that 7, 8, 9, 15,18 or 21?”

I thought this was funny. She amazes me sometimes.

Doors: The door of serving

6 Aug

Here is the final door message. I hope you have enjoyed these as much as we have.

DOORS: The Door of Serving
When Jesus came on the scene, most people were not aware of what kind of God they served – that He is a serving God. Have you ever thought about what is was like when Jesus came to earth? The people of His day were used to being under the rule of others, and they were expecting the Messiah to come as a mighty, conquering hero who would overthrow their enemies. But instead, he came as an average, ordinary guy who taught about loving your enemies and serving others. They had to make a real attitude adjustment.

So also in our culture today, many of us need to make an adjustment in our own attitudes. We tend to have the expectation that others should do things for us. We expect to be served rather than to serve. We think this is what it means to “arrive” in life. Even in the church, many often come looking to receive rather than give. But Jesus taught that “arriving” in life is when you serve others. In fact, He said that the greatest in His kingdom is the one who is the servant of all.

Yet, some Christians have bought into the mantra of our culture, “Serve me, serve me!” And, they carry it over into their relationship with the local church. They arrive at church thinking, “How is the church going to serve me today?” And, “I want a good parking spot, a good seat, good music, good childcare, and an enjoyable, feel-good message. And if I don’t get all of that, I’m out of here!” Many don’t serve because they’re too stressed out, burned out, wounded or feel too unworthy. And some don’t serve because they’re just too proud, lazy or self-indulgent.

As contrary to our culture as it may be, we’ve got to get this serving thing down. It’s a huge door that we have to go through. You see, if we’re not serving, we’re missing an incredible blessing in our lives. So what does a servant look like? Well, Christ-like servants:

  • Value the purpose and power of the local church. They know it is essential to belong to, work with, and serve in a body of believers. When a church body is knit together, and everybody is doing their part, powerful and amazing things happen. The church is not an observatory, where you go and watch, it’s a place to go and serve others.
  • Value a Spirit of humility. Just as Jesus humbled Himself, so should we. We are nothing without Christ. As soon as we start thinking we’re something (without Him) we’ve missed the point entirely. The local church is a place where everyone, regardless of social or economic status, is equal and should serve one another. Serving is expressing humility.
  • Value others as much as they value themselves. You can pretty much sum up God’s heart in one word: others. We need to give ourselves in service to others just as Jesus did. We have to understand that life isn’t just about “me,” or “me and my family.” God’s kingdom is about giving to and serving others – quite often those who can never pay us back.

So, we have to decide. Will we be people who humbly serve and give, or those who proudly and selfishly take? There are more blessings for those who give, than those who receive. Which one will you choose? I urge you today: ask God to fill your heart with love for others so much that you will share in His heart to serve them. Don’t miss the great blessings that lie behind the Door of Serving.

Generic Drugs

5 Aug

My hubby takes a medication every day and they have now come out with a generic. I refused to take it because of the type of medication it is one little component off could spell major problems. I pray every day that our insurance will continue to pay for the brand name because sometimes they will only cover generic and his medicine without insurance is $500 a month.  We pay $25. I am not opposed to generic antibiotics or creams or even nose sprays but when it comes to heart meds, diabetes meds and seizure meds these are things that could be detrimental to someone and has been if one little thing is off.

One little girl who had a seizure disorder in our state was told that her insurance would no longer cover the brand name of drug and the generic was exactly the same. Her parents gave it to her. Her seizures had been under control and within a couple hours of taking the new medication she starting having seizures and went into cardiac arrest two times. She almost died. The insurance company said they will allow the brand name but they have to get a doctor’s note each month to override this. I just think this is ridiculous. Seizure meds espeicially are very important to take at the same time and never ever just cut cold turkey or inevitably you will go into a seizure just from withdrawal from the meds. I don’t think these insurance companies are consulting doctors only the bottom line adn profit. This is crazy and I hope these cases will persuade insurance companies to look very closely and listen to the patients.

I love Extra gum

3 Aug

Sometimes I just want something in my mouth but I am not hungry so I reach for my gum. I love polar ice by Extra but they have this new watermelon gum. It has 5 calories and no sugar. I don’t like diet drinks because of the aftertaste of the artificial sweeteners but this is not bad. It keeps it flavor longer than the sugary ones and I can let my 6 year old chew knowing I am not rotting her teeth.