Generic Drugs

5 Aug

My hubby takes a medication every day and they have now come out with a generic. I refused to take it because of the type of medication it is one little component off could spell major problems. I pray every day that our insurance will continue to pay for the brand name because sometimes they will only cover generic and his medicine without insurance is $500 a month.  We pay $25. I am not opposed to generic antibiotics or creams or even nose sprays but when it comes to heart meds, diabetes meds and seizure meds these are things that could be detrimental to someone and has been if one little thing is off.

One little girl who had a seizure disorder in our state was told that her insurance would no longer cover the brand name of drug and the generic was exactly the same. Her parents gave it to her. Her seizures had been under control and within a couple hours of taking the new medication she starting having seizures and went into cardiac arrest two times. She almost died. The insurance company said they will allow the brand name but they have to get a doctor’s note each month to override this. I just think this is ridiculous. Seizure meds espeicially are very important to take at the same time and never ever just cut cold turkey or inevitably you will go into a seizure just from withdrawal from the meds. I don’t think these insurance companies are consulting doctors only the bottom line adn profit. This is crazy and I hope these cases will persuade insurance companies to look very closely and listen to the patients.

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