Doors: The door of serving

6 Aug

Here is the final door message. I hope you have enjoyed these as much as we have.

DOORS: The Door of Serving
When Jesus came on the scene, most people were not aware of what kind of God they served – that He is a serving God. Have you ever thought about what is was like when Jesus came to earth? The people of His day were used to being under the rule of others, and they were expecting the Messiah to come as a mighty, conquering hero who would overthrow their enemies. But instead, he came as an average, ordinary guy who taught about loving your enemies and serving others. They had to make a real attitude adjustment.

So also in our culture today, many of us need to make an adjustment in our own attitudes. We tend to have the expectation that others should do things for us. We expect to be served rather than to serve. We think this is what it means to “arrive” in life. Even in the church, many often come looking to receive rather than give. But Jesus taught that “arriving” in life is when you serve others. In fact, He said that the greatest in His kingdom is the one who is the servant of all.

Yet, some Christians have bought into the mantra of our culture, “Serve me, serve me!” And, they carry it over into their relationship with the local church. They arrive at church thinking, “How is the church going to serve me today?” And, “I want a good parking spot, a good seat, good music, good childcare, and an enjoyable, feel-good message. And if I don’t get all of that, I’m out of here!” Many don’t serve because they’re too stressed out, burned out, wounded or feel too unworthy. And some don’t serve because they’re just too proud, lazy or self-indulgent.

As contrary to our culture as it may be, we’ve got to get this serving thing down. It’s a huge door that we have to go through. You see, if we’re not serving, we’re missing an incredible blessing in our lives. So what does a servant look like? Well, Christ-like servants:

  • Value the purpose and power of the local church. They know it is essential to belong to, work with, and serve in a body of believers. When a church body is knit together, and everybody is doing their part, powerful and amazing things happen. The church is not an observatory, where you go and watch, it’s a place to go and serve others.
  • Value a Spirit of humility. Just as Jesus humbled Himself, so should we. We are nothing without Christ. As soon as we start thinking we’re something (without Him) we’ve missed the point entirely. The local church is a place where everyone, regardless of social or economic status, is equal and should serve one another. Serving is expressing humility.
  • Value others as much as they value themselves. You can pretty much sum up God’s heart in one word: others. We need to give ourselves in service to others just as Jesus did. We have to understand that life isn’t just about “me,” or “me and my family.” God’s kingdom is about giving to and serving others – quite often those who can never pay us back.

So, we have to decide. Will we be people who humbly serve and give, or those who proudly and selfishly take? There are more blessings for those who give, than those who receive. Which one will you choose? I urge you today: ask God to fill your heart with love for others so much that you will share in His heart to serve them. Don’t miss the great blessings that lie behind the Door of Serving.

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