25 Aug

We are taking a class at our church on healing and I have to say it was eye opening for me because I could apply these principles to other areas of my life. Something that sent a light bulb off in my head was faith and trust in God has to come from knowing him. How do you trust someone you do not know? Good question. I love God with all of my heart and I pray every day but one area I lack discipline is reading my Bible. This has been an area I have needed to work on for a while. I think some of my trust issues have to do with not knowing who God truly is enough to trust his promises for me. I know it all in my head but don’t quite have it in my heart.

So, this morning I got up a little early and I read just a little bit in Romans on Faith. I want to have that unwavering faith that Abraham had when God gave him the promise of a son and being the father of nations.  I then got on the tread mill and really started praying and I felt energized. I think we get bound up in legalism that says you have to read so many chapters a day or you are not a good Christian. I want to work up to that but I also want to get revelation off of what I am reading. I don’t want to read the Bible just to say I did my daily quota. I want to meditate and really get the word in my spirit.

I want to change the way I say things. Sometimes we are in our current situations because of our negative tongue. We really have to watch what we say with our lips. The tongue is a powerful weapon. We can curse people with it or bring life. I am trying to watch what I say regarding sickness and our financial situation. It says in the Bible to look at the unseen (which is faith) and not look at your circumstances. We need to keep our focus on Jesus, be obedient and do what he is telling us to do and the rest will fall into place.

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  2. OHmommy August 26, 2008 at 8:19 pm #

    I agree. One of the most comforting things for me to remember is that God is my author. He has a plan.

    It get me through my chaos.

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