Moms on call

25 Aug

This is so neat two pediatric nurses came together and wrote a book and have a website all about new born to early childcare for your children. I wish this would have been around when Pookie was born because I had several breakdowns. She cried the first six weeks of life due to intolerance of the formula but I did not know it until we switched her and she was a different baby. They have everything in this book when to take your child to the doctor, to when to breast feed and when to stop, and everything else you need to know about infant and child care. They even have a website,, where you can see what illnesses are going around that month. The website is I just signed up to receive their e-news. Finally, some practical advice written by women in the nursing field. This is brilliant!


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  1. Laura August 25, 2008 at 3:04 pm #

    Thanks so much for your comments!!! WE are having a blast. We just wanted moms to know the real story!!! We had to do it!!! With 8 children between us we know what it is like. Keep spreading the word to moms and dads!!!

    Be on the lookout for our new on-line practical classes from birth through school-age……….


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