Archive | September, 2008

Craig’s List the best thing since sliced bread

17 Sep

My hubby has his first interview with a company more in our zip code this Friday. He found this job on Craig’s list. My cousin sold his Escalade on Craig’s list. My friend found the perfect couple as roomates for a room she was renting. They go to my church and are the woman is on staff. Our neighbors rented their house on this site. This is the best thing since sliced bread. It is an alternative to EBAY and I don’t think you have to pay fees like on EBAY.


Yogurt Raisins

13 Sep

I love yogurt raisins. They are great for when you want something sweet but do not want to get into  the ice cream or candy bars. My hubby likes them too. Unfortunatily our daughters cannot enjoy them because they have milk allergies. These remind me of being a kid and enjoying them with my dad.

D stands for what?

10 Sep

My grandmother had a coupon for any non drowsy Clariton product. She signed for it and the lady at the pharmacy said, “I am sorry I cannot honor the coupon.” My grandmother said “why?” “This product is not non-drowsy.” My grandmother said “yes it is. It says it right on the box.”¬† “No, look it has a D and D stands for drowsy.” Uh Duh! D stands for decongestant. This is why you now have to sign for it. My grandmother showed her where it said what the D stood for and that is was non drowsy. I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. This lady is working in a pharmacy. This is scary!