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Mean mommy

30 Oct

Pookie’s teacher told me that we have to work on her writing. Her writing is fine but she writes her letters to far apart, close together or some capital and some lowercase and they have strict writing rules at her school. She said she wants to be stricter on her this year because next year they will hand back every paper and make her re-do it if it is not up to standard.

So every time I try and help Pookie correct some of her letters, she breaks done in tears. I feel like the worst mother ever. I certainly don’t want my child to become a perfectionist. I was and it is impossible standards to live up to. I keep reminding her that I think her letters and words are lovely we just have to work on spacing and making our letters fit in the lines. I try to comfort her and compliment on how nice her writing is looking.

Writing of course is her weakest area and she does not care for it. She would rather read or do math but I remember as a child having trouble with my writing and my teachers pushing me and my writing is fine now. Of course I am not being graded on it, so maybe that is the difference. She has had trouble with her fine motor skills since she was two. Or at least that is when it was pointed out to me by her preschool teachers. Normally, I do not write on sensitive or private issues with my children but like the body odor post I think this could help someone out there or encourage me that I am not a bad mom.



29 Oct

Our pastor preached the second half of his message on Saturday called Heaven. This was a wonderful message. I had a dream last year that I went to Heaven and saw my dad. He lived in a house and he was asleep. This was a comforting dream to me just to see him again. We talked for hours but in the dream I did not know what we talked about. I pray this message will inspire you too.

Heaven and Hell – Part 2

What do you think about Heaven? What do you think it’s going to be like? Have you ever given any deep thought to that? Very few people know what heaven is really like. Most people think of people and angels just kind of floating around in space or in the clouds, not really having anything to do. It sounds pretty boring. The truth is that there’s quite a bit more to Heaven than that. Most people don’t have a clue just how good heaven will be.

When I started studying Heaven, it was probably the most difficult, but fascinating study I’ve ever done on the Bible. The topic is so vast, that it is impossible to answer every question in a short space, but I would like to answer a few of the key questions. Then, I want to leave it up to you to dive deeper into the subject. (To help you in your own study, let me highly recommend one of the most thorough books on the subject: Heaven by Randy Alcorn.)

The Bible has a lot to say on the subject and that’s where we need to go first to find answers about Heaven. First, take a look at Philippians 1:21-23. Among other things, Paul says that Heaven is “far better” than anything we’ll ever experience here on earth. Think about some of the best experiences you’ve ever had in the earth, or the most beautiful places you’ve ever seen. According to Paul, Heaven will be far better.

God’s Word also talks about two heavens. First, there is the present heaven, where believers go when they die and which is described as paradise and a place of transition. (See Luke 16:9-26) When we die on the earth, our bodies return to the earth, and we pass into this temporary heaven in the form of soul and spirit.

Then there is the eternal Heaven, or second Heaven. The Apostle John describes this in the Book of Revelation (21:1-8). At the end of time, the old heaven and earth will be destroyed and there will be a new heaven and earth. Heaven will come down to the earth and we will live on the earth, but it will also be Heaven. It will be more beautiful than anything we can imagine. In fact, the earthly beauty that we see even now is only a vague, shadowy reflection of the splendor that will be. In this new Heaven, there will be no more death, sickness, suffering, sorrow, pain or any other evil thing brought about by sin and the curse. We’ll have new bodies in which we’ll be able to do things we can’t do now. Can you imagine that? It’s true! And, not only that, but we will be in God’s presence all the time, ruling with Him, learning, discovering and rejoicing! I want to go, don’t you?!

Here’s what we have to understand: after we die, we will all face two judgments. The first, which will determine whether we spend eternity in Heaven or Hell, is not based on works (what we have done) but on our faith. It is only if we believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths that Jesus Christ is Lord that we will gain entrance into Heaven.

The second judgment, concerning our works, determines how we will experience eternity – what rewards we are given. Again, we are not saved by our works. BUT, our works give evidence to our salvation. If we truly have faith, we will do good works. Like the Apostle James said, “Faith without works is dead.” All of us will stand before the judgment seat to have our works judged and be given rewards. Therefore, it matters what we do.

Heaven is going to be unimaginably awesome! Don’t you want to go there? Certainly you don’t want to trade that for a little earthly pleasure now and an eternity of torment. I urge you, if you haven’t already done so, turn to Christ right now. God loves us so much. He doesn’t want any of us to perish. So, turn away from doing life on your own. Stop living only for yourself and surrender to Jesus. Don’t get all religious; just start walking in relationship with Christ, and tell someone about it who can help you continue to grow. If you will do that, all the splendor of Heaven awaits you!

Exploiting your kids

28 Oct

I was thinking about the Gosselins children as I watched the fourth season opener. I also watched this clip on CNN of the Gosselins.

In this clip a former child star Paul Petersen said something that caught my attention. He said, “children need secrets. They don’t need to live in a fishbowl. This is so true. I think about this when I am blogging about my children and my favorite mommy blog, ohmommy, said the same thing. I am very careful about what I discuss in regards to my family. I never want it to be an embarrassment to my children. The only personal thing I have discussed was in regard to my older daughter having body odor and the fear of her starting puberty at such a young age. I prayed about it and I wanted to help other moms or parents and it is one of my highest rated post since I published it. Moms everywhere looking for answers. In regards to the Gosselins, I don’t know the kids are getting older and I agree with this child advocate these kids need secrets. They do not need their life on display. I understand where Jodi and her sister are coming from. Her blog along with another blog, called Gosselins without pity is what captured CNNs attention (I am not positive but I think this blog may be penn mommy) Lots of people are concerned for the children. Truth breeds hatred had a letter from the surviving Dionne quintuplets to the McCaughey Septuplets. Read here for truth breeds hatred’s post on child exploitation including the letter from the Dionne children.

TLC released a statement in response to CNN broadcast which stated ” Because of the show, the kids and the family have economic security and the luxury of a mom who can stay at home and raise them.” I felt a little mixed in my opinions, what would I do if I had eight children? And my other question is should we be relying on our children to provide us income?

I have had so many people tell me I need to get my girls in commercials and magazines. We thought about it for two seconds but I did not want to put my girls out there. It was not for us. I don’t think there is anything wrong with putting your kids in magazines or commercials. My favorite mommy blog, ohmommy, does let her kids model for magazines and ads. She puts the money towards their activities they want to do. They pick their activities and camps. This is wonderful because the kids have a choice. In the Gosselin’s case, they are using that to live on. I think John actually quit his job.  I don’t know I think you are drawing a fine line here. What happens when the show is canceled? I pray they have a back up plan. I guess with the kids all in school now they could both go back to work. Do the kids even want to be on the show or is it just expected. I did hear Kate say as soon as it is not fun anymore they would stop. Would they? I think their intentions were ok in the beginning but when you are used to this lifestyle and fame why would you want to quit. It seems easier said then done. Also you are contracted with the network, I doubt it is that easy to just leave.

I just don’t think having your kids live their every moment in the spotlight especially those challenging moments is the best thing. When a child is an actor or in a magazine they can go home at the end of the day. In the Gosselin’s case, the set is their home. There is no escape. I guess I just really feel for the kids. Should our kids be our economic security?

UPDATE: I think with all that is going on with their marriage the show needs to be canceled. I don’t think Kate would let that happen. I think she would rather be divorced then give up all that she has. It is just very sad. My heart goes out to Jon and the children. You can see that Jon desperately wants his family back and despite what they think the kids know.

UPDATE 2: I guess I was right Kate did file for divorce according to the papers. The fact this show is under contract for 7 more years while all this plays out is appalling. Last night I did watch the special. They announced they were separating then it flashed they had just filed divorce papers. I almost cried. The fact they would just let a marraige fall apart with no counseling. I think they both played a part in this marriage failure but I feel the worst for those kids. What happens if the show tanks and they do not have all the money to continue this lavish lifestyle. It is just unreal.

Daddy’s smarter

27 Oct

Pookie asked me a question in the car the other night.

“Mommy, what is that thing with lines?”

” I don’t know Pookie. We’ll ask daddy.” I said.

She replied, “yeah he’s smarter.”

I chuckled. He is not neccessiarly smarter he knows more about some things. I tried to explain. The honesty of a child. I asked my husband and he said it’s a natural gas meter. I knew he would know. He is a book of knowledge.


25 Oct

Our six year old went to the altar at church tonight in response to an altar call and asked Jesus into her heart. What a glorious day! It brought tears to my eyes.

Quote of the Day

25 Oct

I love this quote:

Sow a thought and you reap an action

Sow an action and you reap a habit

Sow a habit and you reap a character

Sow a character and you reap a destiny

Ralph Waldo Emersen

Professor B

25 Oct

A very nice and honorable man at our church that devoted his entire life to education has died this week at the tender age of 70. His name was Everard Barrett. He is from Jamaica and moved the the USA in 1955. I was privileged to sit in one of his three day seminars on teaching children mathematics. He developed his own program that is in all 50 states and around the world now. This program was developed because one of his sons was really struggling in math. As a math professor, he was able to reteach his son and his son went on to graduate at the top of his class. He is one of the sweetest, compassionate men I know. He truly had a heart and passion for children and learning and for people to come to Christ.

He will be missed!