Heaven and Hell Part 1

22 Oct

Our Pastor has started a miniseries on Heaven and Hell. He started off with hell. You don’t usually hear much about hell but it is a very real place. This is one of the best messages I have ever heard. It motivates me to pray for the lost and to get the message out there. The only way to Heaven is through Jesus christ. It is not through other gods, it is not through works and it is not for being a good person.

Please read this life changing message on hell:

Heaven and Hell – Part 1

You know, I can’t remember the last time I heard a sermon on Hell. Can you? Few of us ever dive deep into the subject. It’s such a negative thing; most people just kind of ignore the concept. When asked, people have a huge variety of views about what Hell, whether or not it exists, who goes there and why. A recent survey showed that while 74% of Americans believe in a biblical Heaven, only 59% of Americans believe in a biblical Hell. For each person who believes they’re going to Hell, 120 believe they’re going to Heaven.

But here’s the deal, Jesus said that the path to Hell is broad and easy. Many people tread that path. Conversely, the path to life is narrow, more difficult and relatively few people walk that way. While it’s become popular in our culture today to believe that there are many paths to Heaven, the Bible explicitly states that there is only one way: through Jesus. In fact, he said it himself, “I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6, NIV)

In truth, our souls go on living forever after our earthly bodies have passed away. And, after we die, we will live for eternity in one of two places: in Heaven with Jesus or in Hell with the devil. It will be the decisions we have made during our earthly lives which will determine which one. Therefore, anyone who has a belief in God and in the truth of his Word has to seriously consider where they will spend eternity and the reality of both Heaven and Hell.

Because we so rarely give any real thought to these things, I thought we should spend a couple of weeks delving into what the scriptures have to say on the matter. This week, as you may have noticed already (and despite how unpopular the subject may be), is about Hell.

First thought: “Why did God create Hell?” The answer is very simple – Hell was never created for people. God never wanted any of us to go to Hell. Rather, God created Hell as a place of punishment for the devil and his angels who rebelled against God, attempting to usurp God’s throne before the creation of the world.

Hell is indescribably awful. Imagine never being able to see anyone or anything, never resting or sleeping, being utterly alone, feeling forgotten, living without any hope, being consumed with fear, being tormented and completely separated from God…forever. This barely begins to describe existence in Hell.

So, what happened that caused mankind to have to go there? Answer: Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, listened to the devil, disobeyed God, opened the door for sin to enter the human race and died spiritually. Because of their choice, each of their descendants (that’s you, me, everyone) has a bent toward sin and we cannot enter Heaven in that state. We are born on the path to death and Hell. Therefore, unless something changes, that’s where we’d all end up.

And now for the good news! God has the answer for sin and Hell: Jesus! Through Jesus we can enter into life. He came to buy us back from our sin by becoming a sacrifice for us on the cross. He took all our sin upon himself, died and then rose again in triumph over sin and death. He opened the doors of Heaven and offers life to all who believe. All we have to do is turn away from our sin, receive God’s forgiveness and surrender our lives to Jesus.

So, let me ask you this: Where are you headed? Have you surrendered your life to Jesus? If the answer is no, then I want to encourage you to face the reality of eternity. You cannot count on even one more breath. Don’t wait. Surrender now. Don’t spend even on more moment on the road to Hell. Choose life.

Second, if you’re one who knows that you’re on our way to Heaven, what are you doing to help keep others from going there? Those of us who know the good news have to share it with those who don’t. Wouldn’t every one of us want someone to save us if we were drowning or on fire? Then, how much more must we seek to bring the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to those all around us who are lost and going to Hell? We interact with people every day who are on the very threshold of Hell. Let that fact motivate you to share the Gospel with them. Be bold. Tell them about Christ. Bring them to Your Final Destination this week. Be intentional. God doesn’t want anyone to go to Hell, do you? Of course not! I urge you to live like it!

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