Homemade Pizza

23 Oct

Since my girls are allergic to dairy, we do not have pizza very often. However I part of a group within general mills where I get coupons and free product to try. I just recieved their latest pizza crust from Pilsbury thin crust pizza. I love it. I can make homemade pizza for very cheap and my girls can enjoy pizza for the first time. I like the thin crust because you are not left with all the dough.

Here is what we put on our family pizza:

Crust (which I bake for just a few minutes before adding the toppings so it will not get mushy)

Prego spaghetti sauce (just enough to have sauce)

Pizza cheese (store brand) /no cheese for the girls or anyone who has dairy allergy

crumbled cooked ground beef


canned mushrooms

fresh broccolie

Then I bake and enjoy with my family!

It makes tons so you will have leftovers too. I love homemade pizza and it is very cost saving too!

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