Exploiting your kids

28 Oct

I was thinking about the Gosselins children as I watched the fourth season opener. I also watched this clip on CNN of the Gosselins.

In this clip a former child star Paul Petersen said something that caught my attention. He said, “children need secrets. They don’t need to live in a fishbowl. This is so true. I think about this when I am blogging about my children and my favorite mommy blog, ohmommy, said the same thing. I am very careful about what I discuss in regards to my family. I never want it to be an embarrassment to my children. The only personal thing I have discussed was in regard to my older daughter having body odor and the fear of her starting puberty at such a young age. I prayed about it and I wanted to help other moms or parents and it is one of my highest rated post since I published it. Moms everywhere looking for answers. In regards to the Gosselins, I don’t know the kids are getting older and I agree with this child advocate these kids need secrets. They do not need their life on display. I understand where Jodi and her sister are coming from. Her blog along with another blog, called Gosselins without pity is what captured CNNs attention (I am not positive but I think this blog may be penn mommy) Lots of people are concerned for the children. Truth breeds hatred had a letter from the surviving Dionne quintuplets to the McCaughey Septuplets. Read here for truth breeds hatred’s post on child exploitation including the letter from the Dionne children.

TLC released a statement in response to CNN broadcast which stated ” Because of the show, the kids and the family have economic security and the luxury of a mom who can stay at home and raise them.” I felt a little mixed in my opinions, what would I do if I had eight children? And my other question is should we be relying on our children to provide us income?

I have had so many people tell me I need to get my girls in commercials and magazines. We thought about it for two seconds but I did not want to put my girls out there. It was not for us. I don’t think there is anything wrong with putting your kids in magazines or commercials. My favorite mommy blog, ohmommy, does let her kids model for magazines and ads. She puts the money towards their activities they want to do. They pick their activities and camps. This is wonderful because the kids have a choice. In the Gosselin’s case, they are using that to live on. I think John actually quit his job.  I don’t know I think you are drawing a fine line here. What happens when the show is canceled? I pray they have a back up plan. I guess with the kids all in school now they could both go back to work. Do the kids even want to be on the show or is it just expected. I did hear Kate say as soon as it is not fun anymore they would stop. Would they? I think their intentions were ok in the beginning but when you are used to this lifestyle and fame why would you want to quit. It seems easier said then done. Also you are contracted with the network, I doubt it is that easy to just leave.

I just don’t think having your kids live their every moment in the spotlight especially those challenging moments is the best thing. When a child is an actor or in a magazine they can go home at the end of the day. In the Gosselin’s case, the set is their home. There is no escape. I guess I just really feel for the kids. Should our kids be our economic security?

UPDATE: I think with all that is going on with their marriage the show needs to be canceled. I don’t think Kate would let that happen. I think she would rather be divorced then give up all that she has. It is just very sad. My heart goes out to Jon and the children. You can see that Jon desperately wants his family back and despite what they think the kids know.

UPDATE 2: I guess I was right Kate did file for divorce according to the papers. The fact this show is under contract for 7 more years while all this plays out is appalling. Last night I did watch the special. They announced they were separating then it flashed they had just filed divorce papers. I almost cried. The fact they would just let a marraige fall apart with no counseling. I think they both played a part in this marriage failure but I feel the worst for those kids. What happens if the show tanks and they do not have all the money to continue this lavish lifestyle. It is just unreal.


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  1. Kay November 1, 2008 at 11:04 am #

    I used to love watching Jon and Kate show. It was entertaining and I was fascinated how two parents can raise 8 children all so close in age. But, though I was entertained, it always felt a little uncomfortable.

    Millions of strangers knowing everthing about each of your children. All their personality quirks, likes and dislikes. There are no secrets. And then there is Maddie, who always seems to be throwing a tantrum. When people meet her, will they automatically assume she’s a brat because she’s always throwing some type of tantrum in EVERY episode?

    I stopped watching the show after a Christmas episode was aired. First, it was hard to take in, that they let the camera crew film on Christmas day. Don’t they want a break from the production crew, especially the kids? Don’t they want celebrate Christmas in private?

    And second, Kate mentioned that alot of viewers wanted to give her children presents. I thought at this point that she would say, that she refused their offer. But, she didn’t! She said, but not in these exact words, “Who am I to turn them down? These people want to give my children gifts, so I told them what my children wanted.”

    There is no doubt in my mind that they get thousands of dollars per episode. In every episode these children are very well dressed. They eat organic food, which is very expensive and they go on all expense paid trips. And they have lots of toys. The Gosselin family is very well compensated.

    I believe that Kate Gosselin should have said, that they would take the toys given to them by viewers and donate them. Kate and John can very well afford to buy their children Christmas presents, they definitely do not need the donations of viewers.

    It is hard to say if I was in Kate and John’s shoes, if I would agree to have my family be on a show. The money would be tempting.

    But, then again how would I feel if my son went on a blind date and his date already knew everything about him? Or a stranger comes up to him and asks a very embarassing personal question.

    I hope the Gosselin children don’t have to go thru that.

  2. balinda November 7, 2008 at 6:10 pm #

    I would like to know if you fell funny about people knowing your real life. The good and the bad . I think you do really well with what you go though . instead of all the free trips mybe with the kids starting school kate will go back to work and and you want need so many freebees. Not that it is not nice to get freebees,But with rhings in the world so bad how do you pay for helpers with one person working.

    I have 3 childern and I was a navy wife for 22 years I worked and I had a
    hard time I was alone alot. I all was wanted more kids but I got cancer so that was the end of my dream . good luck and god bless
    thanks Belinda

  3. ana mcnamara November 9, 2008 at 5:32 pm #

    I use to loved watching the show myself. I think it is getting a little old. They dont live real lives anymore. They are always going away on expenice trips. In the real world moms and dads work 5 days a week. And get to go on vacation 2 times a year if your lucky. As far as Kate saying that the children have no collage fund so what. I paid for my school and so did my 2 sisters and I bought my house with no ones help. My son wears used clothes and he has used toys. I was so greatfull with what my friends and family gave to me and my husband. It is very sad that there children dont know there grandparents. Good luck with the show as I will no longer watch it. Ana

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