Mean mommy

30 Oct

Pookie’s teacher told me that we have to work on her writing. Her writing is fine but she writes her letters to far apart, close together or some capital and some lowercase and they have strict writing rules at her school. She said she wants to be stricter on her this year because next year they will hand back every paper and make her re-do it if it is not up to standard.

So every time I try and help Pookie correct some of her letters, she breaks done in tears. I feel like the worst mother ever. I certainly don’t want my child to become a perfectionist. I was and it is impossible standards to live up to. I keep reminding her that I think her letters and words are lovely we just have to work on spacing and making our letters fit in the lines. I try to comfort her and compliment on how nice her writing is looking.

Writing of course is her weakest area and she does not care for it. She would rather read or do math but I remember as a child having trouble with my writing and my teachers pushing me and my writing is fine now. Of course I am not being graded on it, so maybe that is the difference. She has had trouble with her fine motor skills since she was two. Or at least that is when it was pointed out to me by her preschool teachers. Normally, I do not write on sensitive or private issues with my children but like the body odor post I think this could help someone out there or encourage me that I am not a bad mom.


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  1. Shara October 31, 2008 at 9:35 am #

    no, i think you are doing the right thing even though it’s hard! encouraging her and praising her and helping her understand why she needs to do them over or try again just a little at a time will eventually sink in and her writing will improve. they aren’t really that strict about it in 2nd grade so don’t let that teacher fool you! drake’s writing is terrible and almost illegable and he doesn’t get papers handed back in 4th grade! and in delaney’s 2nd grade class spelling and capitalization doesn’t even matter, they look to make sure the concepts are there and they don’t focus on the other stuff.
    i hope sarah gets the hang of it and it doesn’t stop her from liking to write! 🙂

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