Jesus Revolution

5 Nov

This is a message from our pastor concerning the election and the state of our nation. I do agree with this word from our pastor.

The Need for a Jesus Revolution

This week, we witnessed what is probably the biggest election in our lifetimes. Many of us are happy and many are sad at the results of this election. I’ll have more on that to say later. In the mean time, let me reiterate that our trust is not in the President of the United States. As Psalm 118:8-9 says: It’s better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. It’s better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes [leadership]. Regardless of the changes that are in store for our country, it is Jesus that we must put our trust in.

One of the things I’m convinced of is that over the last eight to ten years, the church has drifted away from its influence in society. We’ve started to put a lot of trust in government to solve our problems. Unfortunately, because of that, the church has lost its influence in our society. And, as a result of that, our culture has begun to degrade to levels that I’ve never seen in my lifetime.

Because of this, I wanted to introduce a good friend of mine to you who brings a message about what is really happening in our society and how far it has fallen. That friend is Dr. Michael L. Brown, founder and president of ICN Ministries ( He has a word that is shocking, challenging and timely. My hope is that his message will sound an alarm to the church that will awaken us to the plight of America and the need for a Jesus Revolution in the church, our nation and the world. Here’s some of what he had to share with us:

I’ve got some bad news, some really bad news and some great news to share with you. The bad news is that America is in a terrible mess. We are in a terrible moral and cultural crisis. The really bad news is that the church is in a terrible mess; a terrible moral and cultural crisis. You don’t have to go into the world to find the sex scandals, teen pregnancy, pornography, rampant divorce or families falling apart; they’re everywhere in the church. The great news, however, is that if we submit our lives, our hearts, our minds fully to the Lord and make ourselves available and avail ourselves of God’s power, we are the solution to the problems in America.

Jesus said, You are the salt of the earth… and, …if the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness! The great problem in America today is that the salt (that’s us, the church) has lost its saltiness. We are no longer the moral conscience of our nation. Most of the nation hardly takes us seriously because we seem to be hypocrites – saying one thing and living differently. The light within our nation is darkness. Rather than the church changing the world, the world is changing the church. We cannot set others free if we ourselves are bound.

What God wants to do in America starts with the people of God – not with any politician. The problems in our society are so deep that there is no political solution. It doesn’t matter who gets elected. We cannot put any trust in the political system. Yes, we have to vote according to our convictions to uphold what is right and to elect people to office that will do so – but we can’t put our trust in that system. There is only a gospel solution.

Today, I want to sound the alarm about things that are going on. As an example, there are homosexual activists, some of them very well-funded, and the things they are standing and fighting for will undo the very foundations of our society.
Now, let me start by pointing out that the average gay/lesbian person has no concept of a homosexual agenda. They think it’s just something the religious right just made up. Their agenda is that we just let them live a normal life and not bother them. But there are gay activists with a specific agenda that is being aggressively promoted in places like our schools, targeting our children – even first graders are being exposed to diversity training (which is nothing more than homosexual activist training) including discussions and materials about sex-change operations, gender identity confusion, etc. In many schools, gender has become the enemy. The rights of parental authority and free speech have been stripped by the courts.

This didn’t just happen overnight. There’s been a progression:

  1. 40-yrs ago gay activist began coming out of the closet.
  2. They began to say, We demand our rights.
  3. They then began to demand that conservative Christians would recognize those rights.
  4. They began to take away the rights of conservative Christians.
  5. Now they are trying to put you and me in the closet.

We have so fallen asleep. We’ve got to wake up to reality. We’ve been so passive that we haven’t even realized that we’ve been pushed into the closet and the door is closing. We need a revolution – not the way the world does it with anger, but by overcoming evil with good. We lay down our lives and overcome hatred with love.

Revolutions start when people get to a breaking point. We’ve already crossed the ‘enough is enough’ line in our culture. We need to wake up and realize we are not primarily here for what’s good for us. We are here to make a difference. We need to start living out the Scriptures as though every word is real. We need to step back and think about what we can/need to do. We have a higher goal – the kingdom of God. We’ve got to recapture our prophetic zeal and remember that we’re here with a mission. We do this by going after God and His Word. We are God’s agents of radical change in society. Won’t you take up the challenge to make yourself available to Him?

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