The tale of two sisters

5 Nov

Well, tonight was interesting. Pookie and Peanut were playing when all of the sudden I heard peanut screaming. I went running down the stairs and my hubby said, “Peanut took something from Pookie and I gave it back so she is upset.”  This was an understatement. Peanut hardly ever screams and this was like a wild cat fighting with it’s prey. Peanut outright refused to apologize so she went to time out. She did apologize within 3 minutes of being in time out. She even climbed up on the couch and gave Pookie a hug.

They are so different.

Scenario last night, Pookie screamed at us and that is unacceptable behavior in our house. So, she was told to apologize or reap the consequences. She refused so we took a privilege away. Sometimes it would take Pookie hours to apologize where as Peanut is really quick and you know she is truly repentant. For two children to come from the same parents, they are so vastly different. Pookie is so incredibly sweet and thoughtful yet she is also a stubborn as a mule sometimes. Peanut gives in much easier and usually only has to be told one time not to do something.

It is so neat that God designed each of us in a unique and special way. I would not want my chidlren to be a cookie cutter of each other. I want them to be who God designed them to be. It is our job as parents to teach them and bring them to a place where they can hear the voice of God and fulfill his purpose for their lives.

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