“My tooth fell out”

6 Nov

You know I wrote a post last night and forgot to mention that Peanut did something to Pookie’s mouth and she has a loose tooth. Well, with the time change she is waking up really early so she woke up at 6:45 and I heard her say “my tooth fell out”. When she woke up, it was in her mouth. Thank God she did not swallow it. She received her dollar and I am sure more money is to come from grandparents and great grandparents.

She knows there is a myth out there about the tooth fairy, Santa clause and the Easter bunny but we do not celebrate those myths. It was our decision not to lie to our children, so while she knows about these characters she knows we are the ones who give her gifts, money etc. I know I was devastated at 6 when I found out that my parents were all of those things. Each kid handles it different so I did not want to have that conversation like I did with my parents, “why did you lie to me all of these years?”

We decided to teach to the real meaning of Christmas which is about God sending his son to the earth for us as our savior. Also, family and giving are more important than presents. My children get presents just like everyone else they make their list (Peanut has told us that she wants a my little pony animal) but it is not the main reason we celebrate Christmas. They receive their gifts on Christmas eve it is a family tradition. We also have Pookie  donate some of the money she has earned or  toys that she does not play with around Christmas so she knows that giving to others is an important value. We also do that at other times in the year too. It is her choice on what to donate or give. When they have that giving heart I think they are less inclined to be materialistic and selfish. I know so many kids that have the gimmes. Pookie had a case of them at three and we nipped that in the bud. This is one quality I absolutely will not tolerate in my children. Selfishness and materialism are ramped in our country and we need to be shaping our kids into people who want to give back and serve instead of it being about “me” all the time.

Easter is about Jesus dying for our sins and resurrecting from the cross.

Losing a tooth is definitely something to celebrate!

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