Sarah Palin fights back

7 Nov

In this hotair post including CNN and MSNBC interviews with Palin, she fights back against the McCain campaign “jerks” that are slandering her and dishing out gossip to Fox and Newsweek. Fox news apparently outs these cowards as you can see in the post. You go Sarah!

I liked McCain and I had a respect for him. I do not respect him right now for not standing up and defending Governor Palin. He chose her and instead of hiding out he needs to face this head on. Sarah Palin will be on Greta Monday, November 10th at 10 PM EST. Greta is the first to get an interview with Palin since she lost. Oprah is wanting an interview too. I pray she turns her down. The audacity of Oprah!

Keep up the good fight of faith! I know you are destined for great things. God is with you always and there will be vindication!

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