Christmas shopping

9 Nov

Well, I have been saving up my babysitting money to pay for Christmas. This year our list was cut down again due to some family members being out of work. So it is just the four of us, my mom, grandmother and two cousins. I really just had the girls to buy for since I have pretty much finished the others.

I have been searching the ads and looking for ideas. I have to say Target has the best selection. They also are slashing sales prices. The price in their ads were slashed when I went up there today. I have Pookie a Hello Kitty book of the US. It has maps and some cool facts on each state. I also bought her a puzzle of the US. Finally, I got her a cool set of moon sand with different molds. This was slashed in price too. It was advertised as $20 and it rang up $13. I found Peanut a vet kit for two years and older. It is made by Parent’s and I think she will like it.  I want to get Peanut one or two more little things to equal Sarah’s three things and I am done with my shopping. It is so easy to get caught up and want to get everything but I am sticking with the budget. It is such a great feeling ro pay cash for everything!

I also clipped some cool recipes in the coupon section today. I wanted to make some fudge and holiday chex mix to give to other family and friends. I love the holidays and baking. It will be much more enjoyable this year since I am just about done with my shopping.


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  1. Karen Kelley November 10, 2008 at 9:37 am #

    Oh I wish I was done with our shopping! I have picked up a few things along the way and hidden them (now, I could only remeber where).

    I’m keeping an eye on the Black Friday Ads emails in hopes of catching a good deal on some of the stuff for the kids. We’re trying to restart ourselves on the Dave Ramsey plan and hoping to stick to a plan.

    I have a yummy fudge recipe and it’s super easy. It’s a take on the Rachael Ray Christmas fudge wreath – without the nuts and currants.

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