Mike Huckabee is coming to our church

9 Nov

Our pastor announced last night that Mike Huckabee is coming to our church Thanksgiving weekend to deliver a special message. Our pastor said he is one of the only people he knows who really understands government. He combines the two parties by wanting righteousness and social justice. I watch Huckabee on Fox.  I like the fact that he has had some very radical people on his show but they respect him because he listened to them he did not judge their views. He tried to find common ground. This is what Jesus did.

I leaped out of my seat when I heard he was coming because I voted for him in the primary. This will be a wonderful day for our church!

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  1. Karen Kelley November 10, 2008 at 9:34 am #

    What church? I love Huckabee!

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