RNC in for some real changes

11 Nov

Yes! It is about time to make some changes for the RNC. The first is to get rid of the current RNC chair, Mike Duncan. I have never even heard of this guy.  It looks like Michael Steele may win with Newt Gingrich endorsing him. I love both guys. I think they have a lot of great ideas that can only make the party better and move it forward.

I heard on the CNN that the RNC is apparently listening to it’s constituents and put up a website for you to to give feedback on what you think they did right and what went wrong and some suggestions. Someone posted the Zo video that I have about what went wrong with the GOP. I pray they listen and get on track and move forward.

Here is a youtube video of Laura Ingraham guest hosting for Bill O’reilly. She hits the nail on the head when it comes to the RNC. There is some analysis of Obama’s press conference from Friday but I was mostly interested on her take about the RNC.

Here is the article written by Ed Morrissey of hotair.

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