Prayer and Obama: Our Pastor’s Message

12 Nov

Here is what our Pastor Preached on last weekend. I know I wrote what it meant to me. Here is what Pastor Dennis Rouse had to say:

Praying for our President and Nation

Last week, our country’s democratic process awarded us the opportunity to take part in a moment of great historical significance – the election of our nation’s first African American president.

As I watched the election coverage, I was deeply moved by the faces, streaming with tears, in celebratory scenes from across our great country. The enormity of this moment for all Americans was clear as even news anchors found themselves moved with tremendous emotion and unable to speak. For the first time in the more than two hundred years of our nation’s history, America came together to elect a person of color to the world’s highest office. I was especially excited because the vision of racial reconciliation has been so close to my own heart and so much a part of the vision of our church – I could see the endless possibilities sitting before us.

I truly believe that we have entered a new season of change, and we have both the privilege and responsibility to support President Elect Barack Obama in prayer. I am a very strong believer that Obama has the potential to do some very good things for our country. However, I also recognize that what God would use to bring our country together, the enemy would use to bring greater division. It is with this recognition that we must, as Christians, take our call to prayer with utmost seriousness and, as the church, get behind our president to support him in prayer. It is through prayer that we have the opportunity to turn our nation in a positive direction.

Scripture is clear regarding our responsibility to pray for all in authority. We cannot allow ourselves to get caught up in criticism rather than prayer. When we fail to pray, we become a part of the problem rather than the solution.

This past weekend, I spoke a message to challenge us all to prayer for our new president and our country. For those in our congregation who did not support Barack Obama, the challenge from the Lord was to view our president in a different light and to get behind him, even if they don’t agree with him on some issues. For those in our congregation who did support Barack Obama, the challenge from the Lord is to understand that there are some sobering issues that he supports which violate scripture, and we should pray that God would move on his heart in these areas.

If you weren’t here this weekend, I urge you to visit our website to listen or watch the message. I also ask you to pray daily about five key areas that will impact President Elect Obama’s leadership and the course of our nation, which I discuss in greater detail in the online message.

  1. Pray for protection for our president and his family.
  2. Pray for his heart to be turned toward righteousness and justice.
  3. Pray for the governing of our economic system to be fair and equitable.
  4. Pray that God would surround him with wise and godly counsel.
  5. Pray that the president would govern in such a way that brings our country back together.

In closing, I believe Barack Obama has the opportunity to be a great leader in a very critical time for our nation and the world. I will support President Obama with all of my heart and prayers; and my prayer is that he will become one of our greatest presidents ever. I invite you to join me in that prayer.


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