Hilary Clinton

14 Nov

Ok so I am not a huge fan of Senator Clinton, but I heard she may be offered the job as Secretary of State. Oh Yes! I feel much better with her then John Kerry or Governor Richards. Sam Nunn was another guy who would do well in this job. I hope she accepts the position. She would do well!

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  1. ribbie November 16, 2008 at 9:37 am #

    Hillary Clinton could probably do any job well, but I think her hawkish approach to foreign affairs is not what we need to bring about peace in the Middle East and elsewhere. We need a fresh approach to diplomacy and we didn’t see much of it in the last 8 years, unless you call wielding a big stick diplomacy.

    I agree that Governor Richardson wouldn’t be a very good choice – I could see him in another post though. I think John Kerry would be a better fit for the Obama team and there would be no questions about loyalty or agendas. And he may be considering Sam Nunn for Secretary of Defense. How about Hillary as Secretary of Health and Human Services or Education or as Supreme Court Justice?

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