15 Nov

I am a fan of their sweet tea for a dollar and their mcflurries. I don’t know what came over me today but I wanted McDonalds. So Stephen went out and got us something. My girls ate happy meals for the first time ever. I was not all that impressed with the happy meals. My girls usually get fruit cups or oranges etc. but they only had apple dippers possibly with yogurt or french fries. I definitely prefer Wendy’s burgers to McDonalds. I still love their sweet tea and I do like their fries. They also have the apple waldorf salad that is tasty. I am still thinking I cannot believe I let my kids eat McDonalds. My husband did inform me that the hamburgers are made with 100% beef and I pray that is true. I don’t think Hannah liked it either because she ate her bun and threw the patty across her tray. She is not a picky child but she is really picky with hamburgers. I guess she takes after me.

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