Failed attempt at potty training

16 Nov

When Peanut was 18 mos old, I started potty training. She did well. I got lazy with it and out of convenience gave up. She still goes every night but beyond that I did not continue pushing. Well, today I decided that I would just put her in underwear like I did with Pookie. She held it for almost 3 1/2 hours before she peed in her underwear. She looked at me. She said, “uh oh.” She carried on about her business. Oh this is not a good sign I thought. Well she went down for her nap and I left to take Pookie to a party. When I got back, Peanut was up. She was soaked but Husband did not notice. She had been playing for who knows how long. I changed her and put a pull up on her. She said, “I don’t like pull up, or panties.” I said, “what do you like?” She looked at me and smiled, ” I like diakers.” This is her word for diapers. So I am just going to keep trying but putting her in panties is not going to work right now.

I had Pookie trained in one day because she could not stand the pee running down her leg. Peanut just carried on her way, pee and all. So strange because she cannot stand having wet diapers. She actually takes them off when she is wet.  I was for certain that she would train easily. If you had a child who did not care if she peed on herself, please help. I am not used to this.

My friend tried the naked potty training for over a week. She did not get anywhere. Her daughter peed and pooped all over the floor about 20 times a day. She ruined several books. She was pulling out her hair by the end. Her daughter just did not care. At least with panties we did not have too much of a mess because the panties and pants took the brunt of it.


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  1. faemom November 18, 2008 at 5:21 pm #

    I have a boy, so I don’t know if this’ll work for you. I let him go naked to understand what he was doing, and then I had him sit on the potty every hour on the hour, making a big deal with an award every time he did it. Then I gradually moved him into training pants that he picked out. He eventually would tell me when he needed to go. Sometimes it’s touch and go, but we go back to asking him every hour if we have to.

  2. Shara November 18, 2008 at 8:35 pm #

    i waited until my girls were 3 and then they were ready to do it and able to fully grasp the concept, i still need to work on night time training with dacia, but at least i only have to buy a pack of pullups once a month 🙂

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