Faffles and Berries

17 Nov

This is what my two year old wanted today for breakfast. She loves “faffles and berries”. She takes the rasberries and puts them on her fingers to make rasberry fingers. She loves them. She can eat her weight in rasberries, blueberries and strawberries. I buy the ego low fat waffles and she eats one of those without syrup. The low fat waffles are made with multigrains and have half the calories and fat of regular waffles. It also has more protein if I am not mistaken.

She has not discovered syrup like my older daughter so I keep her away from it as long as I can. She just now discovered ketchup for hotdogs and hamburgers. Pookie did not want syrup until a year ago and she is 6. We only put a tiny bit on her cut up waffles. Pookie will still eat them plain too. They do eat some sweets but I try to limit their intake of sugar as much as I can.

My six year old eats raw pumkin. Peanut used to eat it but does not care for it now. It is a great source of fiber. Pookie loves it!


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