Colds, colds and ear infections

18 Nov

Well, it started with Peanut, moved to Pookie, Husband and then me. I am better. Pookie is going to the doctor tomorrow because she is complaining of her ear hurting and she has green stuff in her nose. No fever but it has been a couple of weeks and she is prone to sinus infections. There is so much going around her class at school. Several children were out for a week or more due to croup, strep, ear infections. Peanut is better but still has a yucky nose. I am keeping an eye on her. She seems to feel better though. She typically does run fever so it is easier to tell.

Husband went to the doctor tonight after feeling yucky all day and we discovered he has a really nasty ear infection and sinus infection. Since we are without insurance for a few more weeks the doctor visit was $50 which is pretty cheap and the antibiotic was free. He specifically asked for this one because at Publix you can get some drugs for free. Thank you Lord!

It is crazy that this time of year is when all these nasty little bugs go around. We use our fair share of hand sanitizers and soaps. I think it is does help but my ultimate weapon is prayer. I pray every night against all sorts of illnesses and diseases. I used to just pray nothing would come nigh us but now I get specific after Pookie had a stomach virus or food posioning in January and we had to take her to the ER. We were there for 12 hours. She was so sick. She had to miss a week of school. So I definitely pray against specific illnesses now.


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  1. Karen Kelley November 19, 2008 at 10:48 am #

    I hope everyone feels better soon!!!

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