A yes moment

19 Nov

While I was at the doctor’s office today, my peanut who talks way beyond her years was recognized by the pediatrician. She said, “wow! she is talking in full sentences.” I told her that the doctor she saw in September said she was on a three year old to four year old level in her speech. She agreed. These are the moments you go “yes.”

Every child is different. My pookie did not talk much for almost 2 1/2 years then she started talking in full sentences and has never stopped. Peanut started saying words at 2 months and I am not kidding. It is nice when what you see everyday at home is recognized by other people. You can say “oh my child talks so much” but until someone sees it, you think yeah right. These are the “yes” moments.

I also spoke with her about Peanut’s failed potty training attempt and she suggested waiting a while. She probably isn’t ready. I love our pediatricians. They are awesome. I have my moments when I get frustrated.

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