Understanding God’s Calling upon our Church

19 Nov

Our Pastor preached a continuation on his message from last week on Obama and prayer for our nation. Apparently he came under heavy criticism for preaching the message on Obama. It helped me to remember to also pray for our pastors. I thought it was an awesome message and one that really ministered to me and brought correction where it needed to be brought. Unlike the troll that totally bashed me for something I wrote out of anger the week before. The troll has now been banished and should know you never catch flies with fire but with honey!

Understanding God’s Calling upon our Church

We have a lot of new people coming into our church all the time. Because of that, and the fact that we have about 98 different nations represented (and at least that many different opinions about every issue), I’ve been asking God what He would like to say to our church that would help bring us together. He answered by giving me a word about His calling on our church.
Every church has a unique calling; different churches are called to different things. I feel like God said there are five things that He’s specifically called this church to do.

We are called to be:

  1. A church of reconciliation. Reconciliation means to bring something that has been divided or separated back together again. We are called to first reconcile lost people to God; and second, to reconcile people to each other (the part that has been left out of most churches). We are called to a life that is no longer about living for ourselves, but for others instead. As new creations, we no longer regard anyone according to the flesh, including their color! Everything we do now has to do with reconciling people to Christ and to each other. Honestly, there’s a lot to overcome to live that way. Too often, we just don’t get it…until we get a heart for reconciliation–seeking to understand, to see others’ perspectives, to reach across the barriers of separation and begin treating others, not based on what they have or haven’t done for us, but based on Jesus and His love for us. The only way to bring this kind of true reconciliation is through the blood of Jesus at work in our lives.
  2. A church that preaches and lives according to the uncompromised Word of God. Unfortunately, there is a great void in the area of preaching the Word of God in the churches of America today. We’ve gotten more concerned with pleasing and attracting people. People don’t want to be challenged. But God’s Word has tremendous power to transform. If we want to experience that power, sometimes we need to be pierced, to hear things that we don’t want to hear from His Word.
  3. A church that transforms the world around us. We have a dilemma today. We’re finding that rather than the church changing the world, the world is changing the church. Throughout history, whenever this has happened, the church has lost its influence in society. We’re called to be the salt and light of God in this world, but when we’re bickering and fighting, just like people in the world, we have no flavor, no transforming power.
  4. A church that releases God’s will through prayer. If you’re one who has criticized our current president or our new president, it’s time to stop speaking words of death and start praying and speaking words of life. Things are not going to get better by speaking negatively about them. The more you pray for people, the nation, etc., the less critical you will become about them.
  5. A church that models love and forgiveness. The number one message of Jesus in his life was forgiveness. That should be the main thing people get out of us when the meet/interact with us — regardless of how they treat us. We’re called to be an expression of God’s love. That means setting aside bitterness, resentment, offense and unforgiveness.

The message of our church is to bring people together so we can do the will of God. But, our enemy wants to divide and conquer us. To keep this from happening, we have to put our thoughts, opinions and feelings on the altar and pursue a heart of reconciliation. I’m calling on every one of you to put out the fires of division, strife and discord and to walk in love. If we can be that kind of church, imagine what kind of power we’ll have to bring transformation to our community!


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  1. Christina Cooper November 21, 2008 at 12:47 pm #

    I just did a sermon on grudges. I told the congregation that while we were all involved in the recent politics, we were accidentally holding a grudge that we didn’t even realize… We were so busy trying to get the right candidate in office that we were holding a grudge against the opposing party. It is amazing cause the bible says in Mark 11:24-25 that God will answer our prayers, and forgive our sins if we forgive our grudges. I think that this verse is very important. I obviously paraphrased it, but I do think that each person needs to pray for everyone that they may not even realize that they are holding a grudge against. That includes Osama Bin Laden. We need to step up to the plate as Christians. Everyone was made in God’s image whether we like them or not… Therefore we need to be praying for all each and every. I think that is very important. We can transform the community.

    Christina Cooper
    If I Only Had One Wish

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