22 Nov

I love Thanksgiving. We used to all go to my great uncle’s house but this year we are on our own. We are eating lunch with my grandmother and we are going to my uncles for dessert then it is off to my husband’s parents for dinner. Can anyone say gobble, gobble?

My favorite dishes are sweet potato casserole, turkey, my grandmother’s dressing, cranberry sauce and rolls. I sometimes make my homemade mac and cheese but I am kind of sick of that so I offered to bring dessert and rolls to my in-laws. Pookie and I are the only ones that like pumpkin pie in my entire family so I bought one at Publix today. It was on sale. I also got lite whipped topping. Pookie and I both had a piece and it was delicious!

I am helping my grandmother prepare the meal on Wednesday.

From our family to yours, we hope you have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

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