Baby Wise

27 Nov

Ok I bought this book on the recommendation of a friend when I had pookie. I threw it away after reading it. I felt it was too rigid. I don’t think you should tell the baby when they will and will not eat. I also don’t think you should force newborns to sleep when you want them too. Do not get me wrong we had our girls on schedule of feeding every three to four hours and sleeping schedules of so many naps a day but I never felt it was right that I would tell my children at 6 you will eat, 9 and 12  everyday, and you will sleep at 11 and 2. You will wake up at this time. This rigid schedule does not account for growth spurts,  or illnesses. It does not have flexablity.

I found out someone I know did this with their one year old and now has their newborn on this same schedule. They tell both kids when they can eat, sleep, wake up and play. What happens if you have to go to the doctor or run errands during that time. I don’t know I find it all too rigid.

My girls are on a schedule. Pookie gets up at 7:30 AM. She does eat lunch at school at a certain time. She goes to bed by 8 PM but there is flexabliity there. We do not eat dinner at the same time every night. If Peanut sleeps a little longer in the morning I will let her because she has been sick and not slept a lot in the past month. I just make sure she gets up by a certain time so it does not interfere with her nap. We eat lunch around the same time everyday but some days she may want it ealier or later depending on what is going on. I am not saying the rigid schedule of baby wise is wrong but I think there should be more flexablity. I think you should do what works well for you and your baby. I just wanted to give my two cents on this thought that was rolling around my head.


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  1. faemom December 1, 2008 at 1:46 am #

    My mom was really pushing me to set a rigid schedule, but I ignored her. I do fairly close to what you do. I am pretty strict on naptime though because one glitch there could ruin my evening, not to mention the boys.

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